DC Guys

Rich Amons gives us a tutorial in Man Rules and explains how they were violated this season. 

Oct 15, 2010

ManRule: Always answer a Yes or No question with a Yes or a No answer.

If I want color or flavor, I would buy some crayons and some Ben and Jerry's Caramel Phishfood, just answer the question.

Did you have an official invitation to the White House State Dinner? If yes, why did the White House say you didn't? If no, how the hell did you get in the place? I am still confused as to what really happened, uninterested as well I have to admit, and NO, I am not buying a book to read about it in murkier detail. If it was a lark and you slipped in, come clean and plead delusional insanity, but don't plead the 5th while throwing a hard working Pentagon official and WH Security personnel under the bus because you got caught playing "Ding, Dong, Ditch" complete with Facebook Photos! Man up, dude!

Other Examples of Yes or No questions in case you're still confused:

Were you a Washington Redskin Cheerleader? 

Is that MGD64 in that wine glass? 

Do you own a white limousine?

Do you use Thompson Seedless grapes to make your wine?

Is Sparkle your pony's name?

ManRule: Do not, unless you are under the threat of loss of life, throw wine on a woman, ever, period, the end. This is a non-negotiable ManRule, with no exceptions. You just never know when the woman you douse with vino has a 6'5" boyfriend, but I am not here to teach common sense, only reiterate Man Rules to keep people out of trouble. I am only one man, I can't do it all, and I am feeling like Holden Caulfield here!