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Jason Turner swears that he did not use McGyver tactics to get into the Nigerian embassy. And no, Cat is not a racist.

Oct 15, 2010

Off to Nigeria!

One of my greatest joys in the 20 years Stacie and I have been together, has been leading the effort to find her birth parents. Funny story, I told her years ago that I was going to find them. She laughed back then. Now look where we are baby! We are off to Nigeria in November. With the trips we made to South Africa this year for Stacie's charity, this trip will be our third to the African continent in 7 months! Real talk: This is scary for Stacie. It's crazy seeing the back and forth between excitement and fear that Stacie goes through with this real-life reunion on the horizon. A point I must clear up from the show: I did not "sneak" into the Nigerian Embassy with the pizza man! I didn't know anyone, and truly did NOT have an invitation! There are huge security gates around the entire perimeter of the building, and as Stacie said, the pizza man was coming out at the same time. But for all of my MacGyver/Jack Bauer tactics, I was instructed, on my way out, that the gate door was open anyway -– it was during office hours! My unending gratitude to Stella, my sister from a different mister, without whose help and personal involvement this story, still unfolding, might still be untold. 

One last thing: Reality costs. I have been advised that I may need to bring my checkbook to meet Stacie's father in Nigeria. She is the eldest of his 11 children, total. I wonder, "Is Stacie worth three cows or four?" 

"Got To Be Real" 

A little piece of trivia: this is Stacie's FAVORITE song by Cheryl Lynn from back in the day. Guess what? This show stuff, at least what we shot, ain't fake. Planned out and scheduled, yes, but not fake. I've had so many of my friends and family say, "Do they give you lines, or tell you when to laugh, feed you jokes, etc.?" I read a show recap article in the Post after using the words "racially agnostic" during the Facebook email convo Stacie and I were writing -- which truly came out of my mouth from nowhere, but made perfect since to me at the time -– where the columnist says, "They really do give the husbands the best lines." What? That's crazy. I was offended more than when Andy called me Ebong!