DC Guys

Jason Turner swears that he did not use McGyver tactics to get into the Nigerian embassy. And no, Cat is not a racist.

Oct 15, 2010

And that's what I think is so interesting about this show business -- that "reality" is stranger than make believe. I definitely didn't realize how true that was before doing this show, and the people we met while doing it. If producers could even dream up the storyline, they would NEVER come up with some of the antics viewers see play out. Gate crashing? Come on! That's why we love to hate these shows. In "fake" TV, the script makes you believe that someone else's grass is greener. In "reality" TV, we see their grass is burnt brown, like ours. Maybe a lot worse than ours, in fact. You notice how reality show characters disappoint in some way constantly, yet we still love them (in some cases)? Too deep for you, huh? My bad, I'm new to this blogging thing. 

Cat Nip 

I think Cat's cool. She's smart and quick witted; has a wicked fun sense of humor, and no, she's not a racist. I really hope we can put that to bed, really. But we won't be able to. Nope. I just saw a blog today where Cat is on her defensive/offensive about race. How real do you want it? Here's my opinion, straight no chaser: Sure Cat hates the Salahis for messing up her White House dreams (and maybe a bite out of an apparently declining marital bliss), but I think her Tyra impersonation is the new "neck-roll" Caucasian classic, even more than Mary's "gurrfren" and "integrated salons" rambling. Dinner at Aunt Frances', the basement scene and Stacie's "uncomfortable" commentary, and finally, the confrontation with Erika, were arguably the most compelling parts of Cat's storyline. And I won't mention Cat using the word COLORED (OK, I guess I just did). Ironically, the "race card" put Cat on the Real Housewives map. You're welcome, gurrfren. LOL!


We were preparing to go to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner (as invited, ticket-holding guests) that coming weekend, and several friends in town were clowning us like, "Are the Turner's crashing the CBC?" And Stacie was like, "Nope, no Salahi-ism in this camp!" I laughed so hard that night at home over my favorite meal (spaghetti), when Stacie came up with this term. And it's not mean in my opinion, just dead-on accurate. I truly wish Tareq and Michaele all the best with life and Oasis, which I would love to see reborn. And as a side note, I never want to see Michaele's face cry again. Ever.