High Heel Fatigue

Lynda talks about her crazy Fashion Week and gives her thoughts on the drinking age.


The fall social scene in Washington is in full swing with galas, balls, and benefits galore! Recently, when I have been out at events, I hear my name being called and turn around expecting to see someone I know only to find out I have no idea who the person is! As it turns out, they are fans who are excited to let me how much they are enjoying the show and usually ask to have a picture taken with me. The outpouring of love and support is such a humbling experience. As y'all know, I was apprehensive at first to open my life up to a world that was unknown to me. My interaction with fans has confirmed that I made the right decision. I am so thankful to be a part of The Real Housewives of DC which has given me a platform to talk about my business and the issues that are so important to me. 

A week's worth of High Heel Fatigue (the name of my personal blog…that I will launch someday when I'm not so high heel fatigued! As you see in tonight's episode, I need assistance getting ready and out the door.)  

*Fashion's Night Out

This is my industry's busiest time of year, so I have to be very selective in the events I choose to support. I was proud to be on the host committee of Fashion's Night Out for the Georgetown BID. FNO jump starts fashion week and the businesses that participate agree to give a percentage of their night's proceeds to charity. That's what I call a win-win. 

*Innocents at Risk 

Next, Ebong and I were invited by my friend Deborah Sigmund to attend an awards ceremony for Innocents at Risk at the Canadian Embassy. Deborah is the Founder of Innocents at Risk, a non-profit organization that raises awareness of human trafficking; a social issue that deserves my time and attention. Worldwide, more than 2 million children are sold into the sex trade each year. The modeling and casting industry is often used by predators throughout the internet to lure their prey. What I want to develop is an icon that would be used by modeling and casting agencies throughout the world on their websites for people searching agents to click-on. This link would inform new talent what not to do and how to navigate the modeling industry safely. We all need to work together to help educate people and our government officials about the steps that must be taken to protect the innocent, including stronger regulation of the internet. For more information, visit www.innocentsatrisk.org. 

*32nd Annual Ambassador Ball 

We also attended the Ambassadors Ball as a guest of Washington Life Magazine. It was a privilage to be in the same room as Washington's Diplomatic Corps and Congressional leaders including the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Paul Pelosi and Joyce Bennett, wife of Sen. Bob Bennett, were the 2010 co-chairs who helped raise over $1 million for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

*9th Annual Soirée Suisse 

Heather Halsey, T·H·E's Marketing Director, and I were excited to attend this event at the Embassy of Switzerland, annually celebrating Swiss-American friendship. We wanted to check out the festivities, including a fashion presentation with designs by Isabel Toledo, who requested our models for this event. The collection was incredible and it was so exciting to meet Isabel and her husband, Ruben Toledo, a visionary artist as well. It was an honor to be a guest at the residence of Ambassador Urs Ziswiler and his wife Mrs. Ronit Ziswiler. 

And Now Back to the Show! 

In my first scene I'm with dog trainers Dawn and William, who just so happened to have trained Bo, the Obama's dog. Since I was moving out of an apartment setting with high security to a private home, I needed some advice on a good guard dog. I had a brilliant and beautiful German Shepherd when I was young and knew that the breed made wonderful pets and would provide great security. Dawn and William brought over a 4-month old Shepard they were training just to observe whether little Ichiban would get along with a larger dog. As you see in the end, Ichiban and the Shepherd saw eye-to-eye. 

Blessings for Our New Home 

First I'd like to apologize to anyone I offended when I said the space had been cleared but the bad decorating still remained. The truth is that the decor was very similar to my home in the 80's. My personal style has changed, however my philosophies of space remain the same. I believe before you move into a new home or office, you need to cleanse the space and remove previous energies. I was taken aback by Stacie's comment about it being a "psychic" thing. Psychics are people who read into the future. Hello?!! This is about blessings and space clearing. Priests and religious leaders from all denominations have been doing this for centuries. What do y'all think that smell of incense is when you walk into a church, and the Holy water in the vestibule to bless yourself upon entering and exiting some places of worship? Every religion has it's own rituals for blessings that are a beautiful tradition. I can feel an immediate change from the moment I do this. In addition, when I feel that people have come into my environment with negativity, I will light a vanilla candle because it will help remove their energy. I'd also like to bring a better understanding to the comment I made about my astrologer.  For the past 20 years, I have been blessed to have Sandra Mayo, a Minister, Astrologer, Angel on Earth, with me. Her advice and guidance has navigated me through many challenging times. 

As author Viktor Frankl wrote in his book Man's Search for Meaning, "Astrologers study the sky because it gives them an experience of universal order (not of the earth, but through the earth). We do not seek to detach ourselves from the universe and it's rhythms as say, a scientist does, but rather identify ourselves with these rhythms." 

Lowering the Drinking Age 

My thoughts about allowing young adults ages 18 to 21 to drink beer and wine comes from my own personal experiences as a teenager. Growing up in a small town that was a "dry" county, I witnessed young people driving over the county line to buy and drink alcohol, which only increased drunk driving and fatalities. Is anyone paying attention here?? If you are responsible enough to vote and serve in the military, you should certainly be mature enough to drink alcohol. The burden and liability that is put upon parents of young adults has become a huge political issue. I would rather have my children drink in a controlled environment where adults are present than doing it on the sly, because that's much more dangerous for all of us. My comment about marijuana is this...I just can't understand why it isn't legalized??! BTW, you can tax the hell out of that! 

Men Against Breast Cancer 

I often lend my name and support to charities, but there are few that I am able to committ so much of my personal time to. Mark Heyison's Men Against Breast Cancer is one of them. The non-profit's goal is to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers to the women they love battling the disease. In addition to the male models you see from T.H.E., you see local celebrities volunteer to close the final portion of the fashion show. Once again, MABC and Saks Fifth Avenue have partnered for the next fashion show benefit taking place November 3, 2010 at Mazza Gallerie. Get your tickets now, there's only 250 seats available. That means you ladies, cause you seem to enjoy the mens fashion shows the most!:D  For more information visit www.menagainstbreastcancer.org.  

On a side note, my heart went out to Cat when I introduced her to my former boyfriend, Christopher, who reminded her of her best friend Phil who had recently passed. It was heartwrenching to see her break down, but I loved the way Christopher consoled her and reminded her that life continues on. 

Celebrating Life

And now I'll leave you on the weekend of my birthday with an excerpt taken once again from Viktor Frankl's 1946 book, Man's Search for Meaning, which chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live. 

"As each situation in life represents a challenge to man and presents a problem for him to solve, the question of the meaning of life may actually be reversed. Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; to life he can only respond by being responsible… responsibleness is the very essence of human existence (you either have the ability-to-respond or must be forgiven). So one should not search for an abstract meaning of life. Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone's task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it." 

Peace & Blessings, 


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Man Rule Refresher

Rich Amons has a few more Man Rule lessons to share.


Greatly appreciate all your very kind comments on my first attempt at Bravo blogging last week. It's fun to be able to just say whatever you want without any basis or need to fact check, just like a real blogger! It was a lot of fun to read your comments as well, thank you for taking the time to respond. And time now for Round 2 of the RHWODC Reunion Show!

While I did take some heat from some unnamed members of my Man Council for outing a few of our Man Rules and Rituals (and especially the Vegas Offsite), I feel I did it for the betterment of Reality Show Society and in the interest of helping the Man Rules underprivileged, who were not entrusted with the "Code" to see the error of their ways. I would always rather ask forgiveness than permission, so please find it in your hearts, Man Council, to forgive my numerous transgressions or I will default, as is my right, to my "Sorry, but I am not sorry" veto of any sanctions brought against me. 

In that light, after viewing the RHWODC Reunion Show Part Deux, "someone" would appear to need a refresher course and some additional Man Rules and Regulations laid out for him in the interest of assisting him in getting into some big boy pants and out of the pull up over 200 Lb. diapers. 

Man Rules Refresher: Say it aloud with me, "When asked a Yes or No Question, Please give a Yes or No Answer!"  

Failure examples include:

Do you own the home featured on the show and on Bravotv.com? 

Did you send your Financial Statement over in disappearing spy ink to Stacie to protect your privacy?

Did you donate any more wine than the one sparkling wine bottle you sabraged onto Lynda's badonkadonk for Paul's birthday party?

Man Rule: Look people in the eye when you are talking to them. 

Failure to do so will give off the perception that you are either hiding something or not telling the truth. Eyes are often called the window to the soul and failure to maintain eye contact is disrespectful to the person you're lying, I mean, talking to.

Exceptions: You have no soul. 

See also: If you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy.

Man Rule: Your wife should never have to tell you to apologize.

Especially to another woman. If you're unable to recognize you have just screwed the pooch big-time with a member of the opposite sex, you should be quarantined for the duration with a 24-7 ration of Oprah and Dr. Phil reruns until properly sensitized. In the case of disagreement, yes, women should encourage men to apologize in an abundance of relationship caution, but to be "told" you have to apologize indicates your internal filters need to be recalibrated and tuned up for life outside the cave. 

Exceptions: Guy's Night Out (GNO) 

I am not apologizing while getting my drink on, "Sorry For Partying" rules are in effect while men are in their "If I had feelings they would be hurt" zone. Women, we need this precious downtime from shouldering responsibility for always being wrong under the Hilary Clinton Act (HCA) that declared the #1 Rule that was obvious to women for centuries, "Men are always wrong," which was amended recently to add HCA #2 Rule: "When in doubt, see Rule #1." 

See also: Darwin's Guide to Evolutionary Relationship Building

Man Rule: You can't blame everyone else for your mistakes and failures.

Making mistakes and encountering failure is just an unavoidable fact of life, even on Candy Mountain. When you run the sparkly rainbow unicorn right into the neighbor's new car, do you take the walk of shame up to their door and confess and leave a note with correct contact info, or do you slink away and blame those drunken high school kids playing mailbox baseball again the next morning when you see your neighbor at the coffeehouse?

Eventually you run out of people to blame and there is just you. Let's circumvent years of irresponsible behavior and just own up to our mistakes and learn from our failures going forward. One of the great parts of the real world we live in here in the US is that people recognize mistakes are part of life and don't keep score for long, but they do judge and punish those that show no remorse or the inability to see the connection that their actions have caused harm to others. 

See: The guidebooks to most major religions, such as the Bible (all versions), Koran, Common Sense for Dummies, etc.

Again, this season's Man Rule infractions are far too numerous and the space allotted by Bravo too small to address all of them. 

After some quick research, "The Donald" is my new reality show role model, he pulls it all off brilliantly while maintaining his day job and fully employing all his children, AND still maintains a single digit handicap, much respect to Mr. Trump. Call me if you ever need a 4th to play golf on the Potomac!

Again, people, please hook my daughter Lolly up with any interesting opportunities in the art, music, and animal/equestrienne areas as she is passionate about all three. Follow her on Twitter @lollyamons and please remember, her Dad is the Total JackHole of the Millennium and she deserves a break or two.

Please also follow my favorite Housewife, Mary Amons, on all she is doing (which is a lot!) at www.labelsforlove.com and follow her on Twitter @maryamons. She is really the one who laid it all out there this season for the world to opine on, and I think she did a great job and represented our little part of the world very well in light of a social black swan of epic proportions that dropped in uninvited and whisked the show off to Candy Mountain. There are some very funny Mary and family video pieces that we hope you get to see on BravoTv.com in the near future. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Bravo and Half Yard, they were great to us, and we appreciate it.

Yes, it's not generally thought to be the wisest of decisions to throw in with a reality tv show, but Mary, Bravo, and their team did a great job capturing a little taste of what I love about our town and the little Amons clan that puts the FUN in dysfunctionally functional! Thank you for watching this season and hope to hear from you here on BravoTv.com, Facebook, or on Twitter @richamons. Mazel and good things, people!