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Just Say ... Yes?

Lynda shares her thoughts on certain medicinal herbs.

What a long, emotional, and revealing day! I appreciate that the reunion provided a forum in which to openly discuss our questions and opinions, as well as yours, about all that has transpired on this inaugural season of the Real Housewives of DC. Of course, some comments raise more questions than they answer, so I'd love to address those points here.

The Woman Who Cried Wolf

Firstly, while I am very critical of the Salahis and their spin-factory assembly line of contradictions, I need to reiterate that I sincerely miss the Michaele I once knew. If she does in fact have Multiple Sclerosis, I will of course support her in any way and wish her a long, healthy life full of blessings. I hope that she will use this opportunity to set a good example for other people struggling with this difficult and potentially debilitating disease. However, my previously expressed doubts are best represented by the familiar parable, "The boy who cried wolf." When people lie continually, misrepresent themselves, and even manipulate the truth to satisfy their agendas, it becomes impossible to discern when they are sincerely suffering. Michaele is indisputably guilty of all of the above; therefore my first and honest response was "BS." I hated to see her cry or feel bullied by us "mean girls," but her attack on Cat regarding her dissolved marriage with Charles was more mean-spirited and misguided than anything anyone said on that couch. I would like to believe that she truly "is from a different make" as she later asserts to Mary, that she doesn't know "how someone can feel good about hurting somebody." But this seems like yet another contradiction given her insensitivity and even cruelty towards Cat. I say she needs a therapist because: A) We all do! B) She appears out of touch with reality, as Stacie mentions, she lives "in a delusional world." I truly hope she gets the help she needs and deserves. 

Love ... and Marriage?

As you know by now, I have been more than forthcoming about almost any topic and do not often shy away from your questions. However, I was uncomfortable addressing the viewer's question regarding marrying Ebong because that is a bridge he and I will cross privately before ever discussing it publicly. We have loved and supported each other for the past year and a half and will continue to do so regardless of our legal status. Thanks a lot, Gary from DC! You'll have to watch what happens...


For the last time, Cat is NOT a racist! Any insensitive statements she made in jest were a result of her often-misunderstood sense of humor, not a single racist bone in her body. I understand her comments can be offensive, but I know firsthand that Cat does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or economic position. I believe Stacie when she says she never intended to imply Cat was racist, however I think she needs to take responsibility for how her racially charged observations would be perceived by our viewers (IE: Her noting Tyra and Obama "just happened to be black" would easily be interpreted as an accusation of racial discrimination). While I also understand Stacie defending her long-time, cherished friend Erika with regard to her attack on Cat, I disagree completely with her position. I concede that they are two grown women, however, as I have previously blogged, Erika's conduct was entirely inappropriate and unwarranted, especially at a children's ice cream social.

Newfound Family

Stacie is a beautiful and brilliant woman whose strength throughout her difficult emotional journey to find her blood relatives has been remarkable. We, like you, heard for the first time at the reunion that Stacy had been in contact with her birth father, stepmothers, and half siblings. I fought back tears of happiness as my heart welled for her incredible triumph, having finally received the love and support she sought and so fully deserves from her biological family. I am thrilled for Stacy, her wonderful husband and beautiful children. I wish them blessings and luck as they round the next bend of this journey -- to explore and nurture their bond with their newfound family in Nigeria!

Just Say ... Yes?

The Bravo audience once again learned that Mary just says "no" to drugs (besides wine, of course). I, on the other hand, require more assistance these days to keep up with my ever-evolving list of medical obstacles brought about by "the change." While, I was born with dyslexia and ADHD, I had previously chosen to cope without allopathic medicines. I was unprepared, however for how menopause (which I now refer to as mental-pause) would exacerbate these conditions. I found myself busier than ever, with my multiple children, households and businesses to attend to, yet I was just plain incapable of keeping up with my increasingly hectic schedule. With the help of a talented and knowledgeable psychiatrist who patiently led me through days of testing, specialists, and drug trials, I was able to find a medication schedule that made me feel like my normally productive self (Almost. The hot flashes, more like flares, are still a struggle; but I am continuing to explore homeopathic treatments and natural hormone therapies.). Unfortunately, an unwanted side effect of one drug is that it makes me hyper and irritable, for which yet another drug is a much needed counter balance (just ask my family and friends). And, yes, as I mentioned, I smoked marijuana -- and inhaled! I learned firsthand about marijuana's powerful medicinal properties, which were more effective for my particular ailments than legally condoned medications. I encourage the U.S. to continue paving a legislative path to permit all sick and suffering people access to beneficial medicines without fear of legal penalty or social stigma. Would I use it recreationally, if it were legal? Probably. I still think it's better than alcohol...

And that's just the beginning; Part Two gets even better if you can believe it! Thank you to Andy for hanging in there with us and to all of our fans for tuning in. To be continued ... As we are all still a work in progress, I leave you with an inspirational poem by Lord Byron that I hope you will enjoy.

"Ye, stars! which are the poetry of heaven,

If in your bright leaves we would read the fate

Of men and empires – 'tis to be forgiven

That in our aspirations to be great

Our destinies o'er leap their mortal state,

And claim a kindred with you; for ye are

A beauty and a mystery, and create

In us such love and reverence from afar,

That fortune, fame, power, life, have

named themselves a star. 

-"Stars" by Lord Byron

Peace, Blessings & Love


Man Rule Refresher

Rich Amons has a few more Man Rule lessons to share.


Greatly appreciate all your very kind comments on my first attempt at Bravo blogging last week. It's fun to be able to just say whatever you want without any basis or need to fact check, just like a real blogger! It was a lot of fun to read your comments as well, thank you for taking the time to respond. And time now for Round 2 of the RHWODC Reunion Show!

While I did take some heat from some unnamed members of my Man Council for outing a few of our Man Rules and Rituals (and especially the Vegas Offsite), I feel I did it for the betterment of Reality Show Society and in the interest of helping the Man Rules underprivileged, who were not entrusted with the "Code" to see the error of their ways. I would always rather ask forgiveness than permission, so please find it in your hearts, Man Council, to forgive my numerous transgressions or I will default, as is my right, to my "Sorry, but I am not sorry" veto of any sanctions brought against me. 

In that light, after viewing the RHWODC Reunion Show Part Deux, "someone" would appear to need a refresher course and some additional Man Rules and Regulations laid out for him in the interest of assisting him in getting into some big boy pants and out of the pull up over 200 Lb. diapers. 

Man Rules Refresher: Say it aloud with me, "When asked a Yes or No Question, Please give a Yes or No Answer!"  

Failure examples include:

Do you own the home featured on the show and on 

Did you send your Financial Statement over in disappearing spy ink to Stacie to protect your privacy?

Did you donate any more wine than the one sparkling wine bottle you sabraged onto Lynda's badonkadonk for Paul's birthday party?

Man Rule: Look people in the eye when you are talking to them. 

Failure to do so will give off the perception that you are either hiding something or not telling the truth. Eyes are often called the window to the soul and failure to maintain eye contact is disrespectful to the person you're lying, I mean, talking to.

Exceptions: You have no soul. 

See also: If you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy.

Man Rule: Your wife should never have to tell you to apologize.

Especially to another woman. If you're unable to recognize you have just screwed the pooch big-time with a member of the opposite sex, you should be quarantined for the duration with a 24-7 ration of Oprah and Dr. Phil reruns until properly sensitized. In the case of disagreement, yes, women should encourage men to apologize in an abundance of relationship caution, but to be "told" you have to apologize indicates your internal filters need to be recalibrated and tuned up for life outside the cave. 

Exceptions: Guy's Night Out (GNO) 

I am not apologizing while getting my drink on, "Sorry For Partying" rules are in effect while men are in their "If I had feelings they would be hurt" zone. Women, we need this precious downtime from shouldering responsibility for always being wrong under the Hilary Clinton Act (HCA) that declared the #1 Rule that was obvious to women for centuries, "Men are always wrong," which was amended recently to add HCA #2 Rule: "When in doubt, see Rule #1." 

See also: Darwin's Guide to Evolutionary Relationship Building

Man Rule: You can't blame everyone else for your mistakes and failures.

Making mistakes and encountering failure is just an unavoidable fact of life, even on Candy Mountain. When you run the sparkly rainbow unicorn right into the neighbor's new car, do you take the walk of shame up to their door and confess and leave a note with correct contact info, or do you slink away and blame those drunken high school kids playing mailbox baseball again the next morning when you see your neighbor at the coffeehouse?

Eventually you run out of people to blame and there is just you. Let's circumvent years of irresponsible behavior and just own up to our mistakes and learn from our failures going forward. One of the great parts of the real world we live in here in the US is that people recognize mistakes are part of life and don't keep score for long, but they do judge and punish those that show no remorse or the inability to see the connection that their actions have caused harm to others. 

See: The guidebooks to most major religions, such as the Bible (all versions), Koran, Common Sense for Dummies, etc.

Again, this season's Man Rule infractions are far too numerous and the space allotted by Bravo too small to address all of them. 

After some quick research, "The Donald" is my new reality show role model, he pulls it all off brilliantly while maintaining his day job and fully employing all his children, AND still maintains a single digit handicap, much respect to Mr. Trump. Call me if you ever need a 4th to play golf on the Potomac!

Again, people, please hook my daughter Lolly up with any interesting opportunities in the art, music, and animal/equestrienne areas as she is passionate about all three. Follow her on Twitter @lollyamons and please remember, her Dad is the Total JackHole of the Millennium and she deserves a break or two.

Please also follow my favorite Housewife, Mary Amons, on all she is doing (which is a lot!) at and follow her on Twitter @maryamons. She is really the one who laid it all out there this season for the world to opine on, and I think she did a great job and represented our little part of the world very well in light of a social black swan of epic proportions that dropped in uninvited and whisked the show off to Candy Mountain. There are some very funny Mary and family video pieces that we hope you get to see on in the near future. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Bravo and Half Yard, they were great to us, and we appreciate it.

Yes, it's not generally thought to be the wisest of decisions to throw in with a reality tv show, but Mary, Bravo, and their team did a great job capturing a little taste of what I love about our town and the little Amons clan that puts the FUN in dysfunctionally functional! Thank you for watching this season and hope to hear from you here on, Facebook, or on Twitter @richamons. Mazel and good things, people!