Lynda Erkiletian

  Lynda thinks Tareq threw a "late night punch" at Mary and her family.  

on Sep 9, 2010

Dinner with The Turners

Ebong and I have really enjoyed getting to know the Turners. I'd like to elaborate on the conversations that we were having during dinner with them at the Madison Hotel. Having just learned that her biological father was of Nigerian descent, Stacie wanted to talk to Ebong about their common ancestry. She knew the tribe and was inquiring about how difficult it might be to find him. I could feel her pain and disappointment about her birth mother's unwillingness to share the name of her biological father with her. My first instinct was that this could have been a tragic love story. I was trying to open her heart to what her mother may have been experiencing at the time. Because of racism, because of ignorance, I think her mother was forced to make a decision that has probably haunted her throughout her life. It literally brought tears to my eyes when I heard Stacie referring to herself as "the secret." I empathize with Stacie and think that she has the right to know who her father is. When you heard me referencing reverse racism, I was referring to my own personal experiences growing up in the South, and later as a backup singer for Candi Staton. Her band and her fans were predominantly black and when we traveled people treated me differently because of the color of my skin. Hopefully in today's world we have evolved to a place where we treat each other equally, as we are all God's people. I hope that Stacie's birth mom can set aside her fears and give Stacie the information she needs to bring closure to this painful journey.