Lynda Erkiletian

Lynda talks about her crazy Fashion Week and gives her thoughts on the drinking age.

on Sep 21, 2010

Blessings for Our New Home 

First I'd like to apologize to anyone I offended when I said the space had been cleared but the bad decorating still remained. The truth is that the decor was very similar to my home in the 80's. My personal style has changed, however my philosophies of space remain the same. I believe before you move into a new home or office, you need to cleanse the space and remove previous energies. I was taken aback by Stacie's comment about it being a "psychic" thing. Psychics are people who read into the future. Hello?!! This is about blessings and space clearing. Priests and religious leaders from all denominations have been doing this for centuries. What do y'all think that smell of incense is when you walk into a church, and the Holy water in the vestibule to bless yourself upon entering and exiting some places of worship? Every religion has it's own rituals for blessings that are a beautiful tradition. I can feel an immediate change from the moment I do this. In addition, when I feel that people have come into my environment with negativity, I will light a vanilla candle because it will help remove their energy. I'd also like to bring a better understanding to the comment I made about my astrologer.  For the past 20 years, I have been blessed to have Sandra Mayo, a Minister, Astrologer, Angel on Earth, with me. Her advice and guidance has navigated me through many challenging times. 

As author Viktor Frankl wrote in his book Man's Search for Meaning, "Astrologers study the sky because it gives them an experience of universal order (not of the earth, but through the earth). We do not seek to detach ourselves from the universe and it's rhythms as say, a scientist does, but rather identify ourselves with these rhythms."