Lynda Erkiletian

Lynda gives her thoughts on the ice cream social scandal and Cat's new book.

on Sep 30, 2010

Mean Girl

Stacie was hosting an ice cream social for all the children and Cat mentioned it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to meet everyone’s kids. Having 4 children, I’ve had my share of ice cream parties, so I chose to bring the goodie bags and arrive for the cocktail hour. Thanks, Stacie, for remembering how much I love my scotch and having the bottle of Macallan on hand! She was an amazing hostess. Having seen this week’s episode I realized that a lot had transpired between Cat and Erika before I even arrived. Fortunately for all of us, I came bearing angel cards for the children. As they gathered around, I explained to them the beauty of pulling an angel card a day with a message meant to enlighten one’s conscience. What you later see is that the adults needed them more than the children. Who could have ever predicted that an ice cream social with children present could turn into an all out “cat” fight? Erika, Erika, embarrassed your friend and our host, and hurt and humiliated Cat in front of everyone including the children who were within earshot. Even to this day, when I think back to that evening, I am so disturbed by your behavior. As an agent representing you as a commercial print model, I saw a side of you that night that I had never seen before and never want to see again. You were so relentless that even after Cat gathered her girls to leave, you persisted and made it a point to come into the foyer and continue to badger her in front of her children. My last words to Erika that night were, "You need to get on your hands and knees tonight and pray for forgiveness." I guess we could all use a little forgiveness along the way. As my grandmother always said, "Pretty is as pretty does." There's nothing pretty about being a mean girl.

In closing I want to thank all of you for your comments and look forward to hearing from you. As much as I would like to respond to each of your comments individually, it is just not possible during the busy fall season. 


And now I come to my favorite part of blogging. I encourage you to check out a poem called "Telepathy" taken from The Golden Book of Reconstruction Letters. 

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