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Lynda Erkiletian

Truth, Whining, and Positivity

Lynda apologizes for "whining" and tackles the truth behind the party fallout.

Aug 20, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the "get out of jail free" card last week. I have enjoyed reading most of your comments and I would be Tweeting like crazy by now, except that someone has hijacked my name! I have a Twitter imposter, can you believe it?! Until I can work things out with Twitter, my blog will just have to do for now. You can also learn more about me on my personal website: Here are a few things I'd like to comment on about this week's episode.

My Whining... Mea Culpa!
I should have been asked if I'd like some cheese to go with my whining over Virginia wineries! Shame on ME! Since I posed the question, "Are there any good wines in Virginia?," I have since made it my mission to learn more about Virginia's fine wines. I recently attended a reception
for the Eco-Chic Awards recipients hosted by Fashion Group International and I had the opportunity to taste Paradise Wines from Clifton, Virginia. This wine was so delicious that at the end of the evening, I bought the remainder of the wine left over from the event! I will also
be watching "Vintage" on PBS in November, a documentary by Charlottesville-based Silverhorn Films about the Virginia wine industry. That should whet my palate as I plan a wine tour through the beautiful Virginia countryside with my girlfriends this fall. I'm looking for any
recommendations you might have. So bring it on, Virginia wine lovers! I look forward to your suggestions... You can rest assured that we will have a designated driver!

Paul's Birthday Soiree and The Disappearing Act
What can I say?? My heart went out to Paul on the evening of his birthday party. I had received a call from him minutes before the party was to begin. He was slightly panicked that he was unable to reach his party host, Michaele, who had promised to pick him up at the Four Seasons and escort him to his party. Awkward... I'm glad Charlotte explains in this week's episode what transpired behind-the-scenes. I just don't understand how they continue to grandstand and call
themselves party hosts, but when it comes to picking up the tab, the Salahis appeared to have pulled a vanishing act. Poof... As the smoke clears, the truth will set us free.

S5A's Key To The Cure
I'm so proud to be a part of Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase's annual Key To The Cure benefit to help raises funds for women's cancer research. In this week's episode, you see THE Artist Agency models participating in their informal fashion show. I'd like to thank the models who
volunteered their time for such a worthy cause. The next Key To The Cure to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund will take place in October at Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide and online. To find out more and see how you can help, go to

Ommmmmmmm... Let's Be Positive
I received many thanks for the poem I posted in my blog last week. Each week I will leave you with a positive, uplifting poem, affirmation, or quote from one of my favorite books. I recognize that there is always room for improvement. I think of myself as a constant work in progress. I leave you today with a few lines taken from The Faith That Heals by Fenwicke L. Holmes published in 1927 by Robert M. McBride & Company:

We lose faith in the world only because we see its weaker side. We could never lose faith if we saw only the strength and goodness everywhere. There is good all about us, if we will look for it. Someone said once to a certain woman, "I believe you would see something good in the
Devil." To which she replied, "We might all admire his persistency."

The universal law is that as we sow, we reap. If we sow to the wind, we reap a whirlwind.

Peace & Blessings,

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Hi Lynda. Please don't go away, I love you! The show is absolutely great and you are definitely one of the reasons why. You're a total class act.

I like you. You have a lot more class than that Michaele. I'm still wondering why they needed a police escort for a friend's birthday party.

loved the show, you and ebong are too cute of a couple

Lynda you are one of my favorite housewives keep up the good work

Lynda you are one of my favorite house wives love you

Lynda you are one of my favorite house wives love you

Linda you are a class act.

Lynda! I think you are one of the best! I also like how you are giving Cat a chance! I like women who speak their minds and know when not to. You are an inspiration to all women out there and I look forward to seeing more of you and your positive/hardworking self! Take care!

I love you and your words of inspiration. I look forward to more of you on the out Michela

Lynda You are divine - the sort of woman I would hope to become (in a couple of years!!) I appreciate your elegance, class and honesty and you are absolutley the most intelligent woman in comparison with the others. It is uplifting to see a smart, succesful business woman who balances life with a great family and social circle. The others (except Stacey) simply hang around not doing anything particularly productive or inspiring and their pitiful lives centre around their current meal ticket (ie. husband). Stay strong and you are truly admired by this little fan. Bes wishes

Lynda you and Danielle Staub kinda look alike..but the resemblance ends there..coz you're actually very sane and classy and well she's NOT

I really like watching you on the show, you seem to be the most down to earth, and honest person.

you say it like it is and i love that! are you armenian?

Might I suggest Grey Ghost Vineyards in Amissville, VA. and Prince Michel Winery in Leon, VA. Both wineries are an hour or so from DC.

Try Barrel Oaks wine in The Plains VA. It's about 45 minutes from DC. You'll love it, and they have a great setup for just hanging our or touring the place.

As a Souther girl, I am so glad that you represent us so well. I sometimes think that people have no respect for Southern women---and Lord knows that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is NOT a true representation of women in the South...there's Atlanta, and then there is the South. We are taught MANNERS, ETIQUETTE, and PRIDE in one's self. You exemplify all of these very well!


Loved the quote...great idea to post something every week that will leave your fans with a peaceful feeling...

Hope to see more of you on the show...

I like the recycled "crisco" as well....but I love bacon grease too...not to healthy :) all in moderation...

L, Where did you meet your boyfriend? You look like the odd couple at best.

Linda, highly recommend Hillsborough. Lovely venue....reminded me of Umbria. Keep it classy.

In all honest, I do find the DC housewives very boring so far, but, on a positive note, you seem to be the only interesting/normal one in the bunch so far!

You're the best! Like the first comment..a Class Act!! Go ahead and Do you!

Well Said! You're one of my favs..definitely class act! Thanks for the inspirational readings as well. Peace & Balance!

Lynda, I'm enjoying the new series and am very interested in hearing your opinion on the antics of the other housewives. Two episodes in and things are already heating up! Don't let cattiness drag you down.

Ur such a class act well spoken and cute as a button. Savor the playing field.

Whats with this 'above it all' type of blog? You are on a reality show --- please comment on it. I'm sure I don't speak for myself when I say how interesting it would be to hear the background of the episode, or your thoughts on how everything was presented or went down etc... But plugging your causes and web sites well...not very interesting at all,

Just finished watching the show and I have to say, I would have respected you more if you owned up to your bad behavior. You could not care less about Michaele or her weight. Your comment was mean spirited and there is no debating that. Fess up! You said something nasty and now you look like a mean person for it.

Isn't life a bitch??? I mean, really, life is tough when your mission is to learn about Virginia's wine country. When you made the cutting comment to Michaele and Tureq it was meant to insult them. You did not come across as being uninformed about good Virginia wine.

Not only are you intelligent, interesting and warm, but you also possess humility which is the secret key to class. I also know that you know that neither money nor power can bestow this upon a soul. It gives me a profoundly good feeling to watch someone with your strength and depth of character on TV; especially on a Housewife franchise, which is usually a forum on how to act as pretentiously and ignorant as one can. Thank you, Lynda.

Loved how comfortable you were at Stacie's Aunts dinner. You were warm and down to earth. I apologize, but I think Maichele is right about it not being nice to talk behind her back about her weight. It was not your place to do that. If you were genuinely concerned for her welfare you should have invited her to lunch, bought her a cheeseburger and discussed it with her face to face.

You are one of my favorites. Stay true to yourself, don't change as so many other housewives have.

you are one of my favorites. Stay true to yourself, don't change as so many housewives have.

I love you! You say what you mean! I also love that man of yours! You go girl!

I am watching my first episode of DC wifes, I love you!! you are Class!!

Oops...I don't know why I said Jason (where did that come from?) in my last comment...I meant Paul, but I am sure that error was obvious. Cheers...

Hello Lynda, As an avid follower of NJ, NY and OC housewives (rarely), I have to say, I'm enjoying the DC ladies so far! Stay strong and beautiful and by the way, your bio says you follow astrology? My I ask what your sun, moon, venus and asc. are? Good luck with the show!

Try Chrysalis, Piedmont, Naked Mountain, Farfelu, Mediterranean Cellars, Rappahannock Cellars and definitely the ones in Loudoun County, too! I used to like Oasis, but the show actually turned me off of them. BIg time.


You are my favorite!! I can't wait to see more of you in the coming weeks.

You are my favorite!! I can't wait to see more of you in the coming weeks.

Lynda, Stacey and Mary are lovely girls in this DC series!

Hi LInda, Your apartment is beautiful-can you tell me what type of white chairs (w/ knots) you and your daughter-in-law / assistant were sitting on in episode: "Disloyal to the Party". Thank you,


Might I suggest you make your way down to Charlottesville, Virginia for your girls trip to wine country? As a native Virginian and wine lover, I'm a huge fan of this regions wine (I've lived in c-ville my whole life). There are so many wineries in one area that you can visit several in one trip. (This is also where the winery Stacey and Jason's friends own is located). Some of my favorites include: First Colony Winery, Blenheim, Jefferson Vineyards, Pollock, King Family Vineyards, Barboursville, Veritas Vineyards and Afton Mountain. Happy drinking!

Thanks for adding the quotes and poems. I am starting to think that the DC housewives have more brain cells than all the other housewives put together. I didn't understand what you meant about 'whining' but it's cool that you admit when you think you are wrong. I love Ebong, I hope he continues to be on there as well. :)

Love you!!!! My daughter is 13 yrs old and 5'9" tall......let me know if you're interest, I'd be more than happy to turn her over to you so you can put her to work......LOL!!!! We live in Chesapeake Beach, MD, but I work in DC and my social life is DC based. Thank you for being a part of this show, and for sharing....I think you're great! Gabrielle

You might want to check out the activities at Mount Vernon. My husband and I have attended their Virginia Wine Tasting event and had a ball.

Interested in VA wine? Try Chateau Morrisette, it's in Floyd County, VA.

I love wine and virginia wine - sucks..... We've been trying to make good wine in Virginia for over 200 years and it still sucks. My suggestion - stick with scotch or move on to Napa, anything french, good Chilean, even South Africa - but stay away from Virginia wine. Interesting note, it *was* a Virginia winery owner that won the Supreme Court case which paved the way for wineries to more broadly sell wine across state lines and on line. So, maybe there is something to VA wine - just don't drink it.

Try Three Fox, they have the best Virginia wine I have ever tasted and their vineyard is stunning.

Lynda, you are one of the best, clearly you have sense and thank the heavens for this. I hope you are edited to keep showing an independent strong business woman living a full life. You are real.

Firstly, as a native Northern Californian, I would like to say thanks for the 'shout-out' regarding wine. I can't say that I know much about Virginian wine, but us NorCal wine lovers pride our state on making some great wine. And while you may regret the way you came across, I respect you for not kissing up to the Salahis. At least you were honest. And I'm not sure they have any room to talk about manners, considering the way they treated your friend Paul, as his supposed party "hosts." And while you might have said a few things you'd like to take back, I think in general that you have, so far this season, epitomized class and intelligence, as well as very nice manners. Perhaps you could teach a few of your fellow housewives a couple of things?? Sidenote: As a girl in an interracial relationship, I think it's very cool to finally see a Housewife with a man of a different race. Hard to explain, but it's just nice to see.

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