Mary Schmidt Amons

Mary talks about getting caught on Candid (Housewives) Camera.

on Sep 21, 2010

The many faces of Mary! Have you figured them all out yet? Because I haven't!

I had to laugh hysterically at what people have always told meā€¦that I have crazy facial expressions! I clearly didn't realize that cameras were directed on me as I shared with Cat my surprise at seeing Lolly in a few of my things from across the room at the Men Against Breast Cancer event. At the end of the day, I really don't care about "stuff." I care about people. On that note, I can't say enough about the wonderful work that President/Co-Founder, Marc Heyison and his team are doing with Men Against Breast Cancer. MABC offers support and education to men serving as caregivers to the women in their lives struggling with Breast Cancer. This is an awful disease to face and much of the emotional burden rests on the men walking through this battle as a source of love and support. Lets hear it for the boys!  Most of my enthusiasm during the fashion show was directed towards my dear friend and Fox news anchor Will Thomas who was a celebrity model that evening and looking so fabulous! And of course I was cheering for the always gorgeous, Paul Wharton! What a fun night! (Please visit the MABC website to find out more information and how to support Men Against Breast Cancer -

Losing a close friend is something that must be extremely difficult to endure, and I felt a deep sense of sadness and empathy for my friend. I can't imagine what the experience was like for Cat to go through the death of her dear friend Phil while cameras were rolling. I was moved to tears once again while watching Cat's pick up interviews and seeing the pain and heaviness in her heart. Cat is a treasured friend and my heart goes out to her as she has had to be reminded of the pain watching the episode one year after Phil's death. One of the most moving moments for me in watching Cat deal with this difficult loss was how she handled herself with both tears and laughter. She made a decision to remember Phil by verbalizing the fun memories they shared together as friends. I was deeply touched by the bonus clip where she and Charles memorialize and pay tribute to Phil in a ceremony in their backyard.