Michaele Salahi

The Salahis sound off on the events of the season.

on Oct 6, 2010

If we were "party crashing," doesn't it seem odd to do so by going to the White House with a large film crew from Half Yard for Bravo? Why would we want to potentially embarrass ourselves by getting told to go home in front of the cameras if we didn't believe to be invited? 

Many in the media and Congress developed the inaccurate theory that I was "auditioning" for the Real Housewives show the night of the White House dinner, and that our attendance at the State Dinner was a "reality show stunt."  This idea is preposterous! I had a signed contract months earlier and was already a part of the show. In fact, virtually the entire first season of Real Housewives of D.C. had already been shot by the November 2009 White House dinner.

My husband and I have been made into punching bags and punch lines. Some funny (Saturday Night Live -- brilliant, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman), some not ( you know who you are). I was especially surprised and shocked at the bullying behavior of my fellow cast members after our attendance to the White House and my MS revelation as of late. I am very hurt for the pain they wished upon me.

The time is now for everyone to know the Truth and for others to be honest.

1. This was NOT an Audition that evening for Bravo TV.

2. We did not lie to anyone, including the Secret Service, as you now witnessed in Episode 9.

Anyway –- It's now time to move forward and onward and put this all behind us. We have forgiven those that have said false statements about this part of our life, and we ask everyone to move forward, including my cast mates.