Michaele Salahi

Michaele opens up about her MS and the cheer leading incident.

on Sep 23, 2010

Dress Worn: Redskin uniform 

Shoes Worn : Christian Dior

I want to thank all of you for your heart felt words you have expressed to me about my health and Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to come out and share my personal health condition to all in hopes to do public good and inspire others. For 17 years I have been able to keep it personal to me, but I decided with all the rumors and misinformation out there about me that I would get a jump start on the media and share it. My hope is to make a difference for others with, “How to have MS not to let MS have you.” This same principal can be applied to any illness or health challenge. I have been a long time supporter behind the scenes with our National MS Society in DC, and I will continue to support and be an active advocate.

Delegate Dave Albo (Republican from Virginia) has been very supportive of the Virginia Farm Winery Industry, Agriculture, and Tourism overall. It was Delegate Albo that Patroned the House Bill my husband authored that forever changed the Virginia Wine Industry to do what they can do today.  The whole idea of the bill that became law started when I shared with Delegate Albo at a party that if I had my family out to Oasis for Thanksgiving that Fauquier county would count that as one of Oasis’ “events.”  I say it often throughout the show, and it’s so true, Fauquier County reminds me of that movie “Footloose.” The country unfortunately has had a documented history of attacking the Virginia Wineries in its county. We changed that!

Virginia wineries back before this law passed were limited to the number of customers that could attend activities at the wineries. Having family for Thanksgiving is a part of sharing life. Delegate Albo agreed to help. Tareq began to write the new law. I began to lobby for it. Lobby?! What?!

I had to learn how to lobby hard in Richmond for nearly 2 years to get this bill passed. The thousands of hours that went into this first perceived controversial House Bill, eventually passed the House and the Senate nearly unanimously, and that says it all! We rocked it! I thank Jennifer my loyal assistant and Amy Lynch, who both worked so hard with me on this bill.