Michaele Salahi

Michaele opens up about her MS and the cheer leading incident.

on Sep 23, 2010

What’s the deal with the Redskins you ask? Who knows? After The White House night I received a call that they were overwhelmed with media and couldn’t deal with it (I know how that feels). Yet months prior I was cheering with them on the field at Fed Ex for the alumni show and highlighted this as a part of my life, which you saw on this episode. 

I was asked to get involved in the early millennium to support cheer with the Alumni . At that time I told them that cheering with the alumni was a concern, since I did not want people to know my age. The director said that if she gave me a younger year to cheer with – would I please do it?  I said what do you mean?  She said I will make you ‘91 and no one will know your age. I said ok and agreed to do it. I did cheer with the Alumni Association by their request for the last 6 years of paying dues and being active with them. I had fun helping them out.

I know we will all be interested to see what got captured on film about the night that changed mine and my husband’s lives forever.

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Love You!