Michaele Salahi

  Michaele revisits Dallas and reveals the sadness behind the theft allegations.  

on Sep 9, 2010


WOW! HI AND I LOVE YOU! Thank you for all your love and support! Your messages to me mean the world, and I think your recent comments about Tareq being the JR of the show are very funny. What a flashback to remember the TV show Dallas!

In Episode 5, we pick up where we left off, inside the winery barrel room. Filming the entire day and evening started as early as 7 a.m., and we didn't walk out until 3 a.m. ... yes, the next day! Wow, it was so much fun and a big day! Everyone was drinking all day on the way out to the winery and at the winery -- yes, they were all definitely flying high! Really, I should have been drinking to deal with all the different personalities that came out in everyone with all that alcohol! We all had a lovely day. I was very sad that Mary kept asking Tareq about what was on his mind and probing him to say what it was.   

When we were asked by the authorities if we knew any of the people whose names were listed and Lolly appeared on the list, it was very sad.