Michaele Salahi

  Michaele revisits Dallas and reveals the sadness behind the theft allegations.  

on Sep 9, 2010

Mary has talked in a previous episode of how angry she was when Lolly would take things from her closet and it made her so upset. Mary got a special lock for her closet. Can you imagine how the people who had their things taken felt?

Jason and Stacie only viewed it as if they heard something about their own daughter. Lolly is a grown adult woman and was not the victim – Missy to Stacie – Hello!? Stealing, or condoning it, isn't cool. This isn't being biting (as Stacie refers to me), it is just keeping it real.   

Bottom line – we asked the authorities that were onsite the day the polo stuff went missing and later throughout the investigations we only asked for volunteer time from the people involved to help local charities and the community instead of a more severe punishment. From what we were told by the lead detective on the case, the guy who drove the car was the primary person they would deal with, and they did recover the car and some of the items that were stolen from the polo team. That night at the winery, I comforted both Tareq and Mary. This is truly sad for everyone. But it did happen, and a lot happened behind the scenes.