No More Drama

Michaele was shocked by the behavior of her cast mates.

Thank you for all your letters, e-mails, messages, phone calls, etc. of LOVE and SUPPORT! WOW! The very best part of being involved with Bravo's The Real Housewives of DC has been the opportunity to share my life with all of you and in turn receive so much love!  Thank you for saying hi to me wherever and whenever!  I have made so many fantastic new friends in all of you! The opportunity to share my personal illness (MS) and help others by talking about it on the show has been very rewarding for me! I am determined now more than ever to be at the front of MS and make a difference!

A great deal of time was spent on Cat's racial issues and her bullying tactics. She was obsessed with finding out who she made cry. Well, I guess just me with her hate. The others that she has offended knew how to fight back: Stacie, Erica, Jennifer, etc. They didn't care about what Cat said. I on the other hand was very nice to Cat throughout the entire season and invited her to join in my life and events. I think I was hurt that someone could be so rude and ungrateful. I had never been exposed to that type of behavior.

Some people don't have the grace to respect someone's illness. It's sad they prefer to bully or harass me about my challenges with Multiple Sclerosis. Mary, Lynda, and Cat were a big disappointment. They are all mothers and that made me even more sad for humanity and what examples they are setting. Stacie seemed to question me as well. Sad to see. When Stacie shared her story of her search for her parents, I listened and supported. That is what a friend does. I think bullying and trying to hurt people as they do cannot be tolerated by anyone anymore. Especially given recent events, many of you have reached out to me to talk about bullying and hate. I will continue to be someone who will try to STOP the hate. Yes, love is what I say! Granted you don't have to agree but to hate and have veins popping out of your head when talking…well that is there it crosses over to scary. The other wives make fun of me for saying "love" all the time. But you are only truly happy when love is in your heart. I will continue to support and give love to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society as I have done quietly in the past, but now my voice will be heard actively and publicly speaking about MS and others that are challenged with it world wide.

Let's get back to that stray "Cat." Every British person I have met has always been lovely, polite, and very welcoming. Some of my very best friends are British here in America and are truly lovely. Unfortunately, Cat's behavior from what I have witnessed has been the opposite. She has been a rude bully throughout the show. I think this type of behavior is NOT what America is and certainly not what the nation's capitol is.

As you see towards the end of the Reunion Part 1, I started to cry when Andy asked a question about Tareq. Sitting there, I was very sad about Tareq's dad. Watching these women and their backwards behavior, I thought, "How sad." Since the filming of the reunion show, Tareq's dad did pass away. During the reunion filming the "Wicked step mom and her daughters" on the other couch were attacking Tareq and his family and being so mean spirited, and I couldn't understand why they would be so cruel. So I broke down. To be honest, I couldn't wait for my husband to come to my side. I knew they would be cautious attacking him, as they don't care about me. We are stronger together.

All I know is I am thankful that I had the strength from your friendship to remain focused on what is important in life.

Can you believe it gets even crazier?

Talk with you next week for Part II of the Reunion (or the Bully/Rage session the way I see it).

Love You So Much! 




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A Rewarding Experience

Despite her cringe-worthy moments, Mary's had a blast.



1. Words or signs having no intelligible meaning

2. Subject matter, behavior, or language that is foolish or absurd.

3. Extravagant foolishness or frivolity

4. Matter of little or no importance or usefulness

5. Insolent talk or behavior; impudence

One thing that no one can ever take from you is your word. I was raised with the motto say what you mean and mean what you say. The reunion was extremely difficult for me. All of the nonsensical behavior that we have been subject to this season from Boris and Natasha came to a head that long September day. It was difficult to watch myself become so exacerbated by the lies and false accusations, and to see myself visibly display the emotions I was experiencing: anger, hurt, and frustration. Even when confronted with solid proof these people still arrogantly sat there denying all. It was unreal. After a season of fabulous fun with my family and friends it made me sick to see it all end this way.

As parents, one of the primary values we teach our children is the importance of being honest. As I sat on the sofa during 10 tedious hours of filming, listening to lie after lie coming from a couple who are masterful storytellers, I wondered how we got to this point. I have never in my life been put in such a confrontational and frustrating situation nor watched two grown adults be so blatantly dishonest. My family, close friends, and my charity have all been negatively affected by these individuals. At the end of the day I know what I signed up for, and in the reality TV world the name of the game is drama. What I was experiencing was not drama. This was about two delusional individuals who still can not answer a "yes" or "no" question. Ultimately for me they stooped to the lowest of lows by falsely accusing our daughter of a serious crime that she had no involvement in whatsoever. I can easily say that I am relieved that we can all move on from spending precious time and energy talking about these people. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm ready to move on!

In some ways this reality TV experience was like being pregnant for the first time; many people offered sound advice but nothing can really prepare a person for such a surreal experience. As a family, we have had a blast on this roller coaster ride and have enjoyed watching snapshots of our "functionally dysfunctional" family relate to each other through the challenges of being a large family. The love of a family is the greatest blessing, and I am overwhelmingly blessed with a large loving family. I want to thank them all for taking this great risk and jumping on this ride with me.

The cross! I have had an overwhelming number of inquiries about how to find the cross that I wear regularly. I purchased my cross a number of years ago on a trip to the Carribbean. Unfortunately, the cross is no longer available, but I am working closely with the company that produced it and will be launching a new version soon! Additionally, I am excited to share that I am currently designing an entire cross collection. Look for more information coming soon on my future website!

If in the DC area on November 4th, please join me as Labels for Love hosts a spectacular event called the Modus Union Salon Party. This evening will feature the incredible works of 75 juried artists, live painting, musical performances, trapeze artists, vendors, nibbles from local restaurants, and of course cocktails! All artwork will be for sale and the proceeds will benefit Fran Drescher's organization, Cancer Schmancer (www.cancerschmancer). For more information, go to I hope to see you there!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all that helped make this year incredibly enriching and rewarding. This entire experience has been a very humbling and rewarding one. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and witnessed many cringe-worthy moments to learn from ... and avoid! One of the best aspects of making the choice to do the show was the beautiful friendships that developed and strengthened over the last with Lynda, Cat, and Stacie and our incredible crew. We shared many laughs and had a ton of fun! Although a friendship with Michaele didn't develop, I wish her and each of my cast mates only the best for the future. Thank you all for the support and encouragement over the our first season! 

Peace and Blessings!




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