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Reality Show Reality Hits Home Big Time

Mary talks about the drama on the Potomac, her "cringe-worthy vino-aided moments," and more.


I am dashing this off (please excuse errors and jumbled content!) on the way out the door, heading into the homestretch of a whirlwind Real Housewives of DC promotional tour that has taken us from DC to LA to NYC, a tour which wasn’t short of on-camera or off-camera drama! I am exhausted from hearing the sound of my own voice, answering many of the same questions in every interview, and trying not to sound completely self-absorbed. But I was also thrilled to be a part of the whole process, so to summarize:

I believe The Real Housewives of DC will be a fun show to watch. Some great ladies with some interesting back-stories are involved and there is no shortage of "Drama on the Potomac." The first episode really does set the stage well for the beginning of all the storylines. It was the first time I had seen any footage of myself and the 'wives and since we started filming over a year ago. Watching yourself onscreen is a humbling experience, one I would describe as "awkward" at best, with occasional cringe-worthy vino aided (my excuse and I am sticking to it!) moments at my birthday party coupled with some "LOL" segments as well. I am both anxious and excited to see what rolls out going forward.

I have no idea what happened with the Salahis and the White House, but I can’t wait to watch the show, and I hope we’ll find out (along with Whoopi and everyone else in America) what actually happened and what lead the Salahis to believe they were invited!

I'll be watching what happens along with everyone else!