Stacie Scott Turner

Stacie responds to the top 10 comments and questions on her blogs.

on Oct 12, 2010



Blogging is one of the most amazing, yet unforeseen benefits of doing Real Housewives. It's so humbling that folks take time out to read about my personal take on the show, or my own beliefs, emotions, etc. And the comments! WOW. At first, I could kind of pretend that maybe people don't watch the show or read the blogs...until it goes up; then right in front of me are people's reactions to MY life! Me a Bravolebrity? I'll take that. A celebrity? Not in D.C. This is a town full of real celebrity divas -– it's called Congress.  

More than anything, I want to thank all the fans of Real Housewives of D.C.! You stayed with us week after week and helped the DC show become one of the most watched first seasons in Bravo Housewives history! It's just baffling to think that millions of people are exposed to a seasonal slice of our lives and of our family's lives over only 10 hours of TV (more or less). And from this sliver of edited tape, there are individual perceptions of who I am, who my husband is, where we live, what we believe in. But that's the risk/reward that made this project truly extraordinary for us to do. Jason and I aren't going out scared. Not our style. This is REAL for us folks, as fake as it may seem at times on TV. We promised ourselves we were going keep it authentic. In retrospect, I can honestly say that I own 99% of what is seen on the screen, the good, bad, and the ugly. Whatever happens, or doesn't happen, it's all good!

I LOVE MY FANS!! Honestly -- to say "my fans" is so difficult for me to articulate aloud or to write. Truly, the opportunity to express one's self and share with millions of people was a crazy, scary, unforeseen leap of absolute faith. Reading your questions and comments on forces me to honestly channel my inner Salahi (see "Salahi-ism") to a level that is, at times, uncomfortably delightful! Over the season, I took notes on some of the questions and comments that struck me most. For your information, I share my TOP 10 FAN COMMENTS OF THE SEASON with you today (in no particular order):