Stacie Scott Turner

Stacie responds to the top 10 comments and questions on her blogs.

on Oct 12, 2010

1. Comment: "I'm a real housewife from Kentucky. My husband works in the coal mines, and I'm a homemaker and mom. I know we can't relate to each other's lifestyles but..." RESPONSE: More than anything, Jason and I love to meet new, interesting, and different people, from ALL walks of life. Do you like to cook? Do you have kids? Do you work your butt off everyday like I do? I think we have A LOT to talk about. While I only like what comes OUT of mines, Jason loves that kind of stuff. He would go to work with your husband for a day if the boss allowed! I would like to see us doing more "real life" shots, dealing with real stuff and real people and less fashion shows, etc. Real life is more interesting, in my opinion, and I, much like the fan from Kentucky, have a TON going on daily!

2. Comment: "Thank you for representing a positive image of African Americans on TV..." RESPONSE: Anyone who has seen my blog has read these words in some form, and often. I hate to pull the "race card" as was said during the season, but race matters, especially on TV. For blacks and stereotypes in the media, we run the full gamut from the Cosby Family to the Obama Family, without much remarkably positive in between. Of course, only one of those families is real. Our fears of storyline negativity first made us turn down Half Yard Productions emphatically; in fact I was the last HW to join the cast, months after the others. We changed our minds because we wanted to show our reality, which by the grace of God is (at this time) thankfully positive! The fact that most of my fans say to me, "You represented us so well in the show," is a flattering but sad reality. I know exactly what they mean. 

3. Comment: "Stacie you were a rude host by allowing Erika to attack Cat, and especially in front of her children!" RESPONSE: I have two thoughts. First, I agree that adults should mind their behavior if children are in the vicinity. I was handling the other four kids in the house (i.e. mine, Erika's and Mary's) which is why I was not present in the foyer. It was terribly inappropriate for the interaction to play out in front of children. No doubt. HOWEVER, Cat should not have not allowed herself to be emotionally vulnerable in front of her children either; as children react more to the vibes they are getting from their parents than ANY stranger. Further, it's ironic that Cat "attacks" Micheale in the finale (to which many fans cheered). Bottom line: If you can dish it, be prepared to take it. I'm just sayin...