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The White House Cirque Begins

Michael Salahi discusses getting ready to go to the White House.

Here we go! Getting ready go to the White House.

Lets take a look back for a moment. My first date with Tareq was at our favorite restaurant or better said “experience” in the world at the world famous “The Inn at Little Washington,” in Washington, Virginia. This is very near our vineyards in the heart of Virginia wine country in Hume, and we absolutely love The Inn and Chef Patrick O’Connell! This was the beginning of our true love. With Tareq, I have come around to appreciate new cultures, experiment with new cuisine, and meet new friends around the world. We really enjoyed our dinner at the chef's table at the Inn with some of our dear friends from Hume, Virginia. It’s the best place for something romantic or to share with special friends.

Getting ready for the White House dinner was one of the most exciting times, next to my wedding, in my life. I recently donated the red sari dress I wore to the White House State Dinner to The Potomack Auction company, and they have it now available for viewing, and it will be auctioned live on October 2nd to help Multiple Sclerosis and the Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund. If you are interested in supporting these charities and winning the red dress I wore to the White House ( the skirt is adjustable), please visit

You can catch Tareq and I on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo, October 7th at 10 p.m. right after next week’s final episode.

Love You! Michaele OXOXO