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This Oasis is Not a Mirage

Michaele Salahi talks about looking at houses with Stacie, and Tareq's relationship with his mother.

Hi and love to all!
This week sure was a big one for me, personally sharing so much with everyone.  I am still trying to understand all my feelings inside and staying strong and smiling during the journey I am on!
We had fun looking at houses in Washington D.C. with Stacie. With changes in our life, and the recession in the country, the changes at the winery, and Tareq’s father becoming ill,  we are consolidating and beginning to make our life easier.   I drive almost every day from our country home in to the city. Hotels have been the perfect home in DC for now when we do need to stay over.  
Stacie talks with Tareq while we are looking for homes with her about Tareq being rejected by his mom. Stacie has the same relationship with her biological mom and I think hurts with Tareq on this. I pray that both Tareq and Stacie will have peace with their moms someday soon. Never give up on anyone or anything you want!
We enjoy our country farm house, and the vineyards, but we are planning to have a place in the city.  Yes, I am addicted to hotels! I am at a hotel in NY writing my blog.
The Family saga (Falcon Crest-style) at Oasis Vineyards has been very challenging, and a three year drama. Yes, it’s true… Tareq’s mom sued her own son.  Some of you are wondering if Tareq’s mom is his blood mother. Yes, she is.   Everyone we meet can not understand why a mother would sue her own son. This has been a long drawn out sad story. I have always stayed optimistic about the whole family situation, and I sense that soon that family will reunite. I am also hurting as I love his dad very much.
I know you are all now aware and wondering about the new facts of my personal life and struggles. I thank everyone for your love and support to me, through thick and thin. My true friends. I hope with time everyone will begin to understand and discover who my husband and I are. I want to also thank my loving husband for being so supportive and taking great care of me and am grateful you are all in my life. I Love you all!
"Don’t  Stop  Believin’ !"