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Making Ripples

A Therapeutic Season for Alexia

Lea's Final Thoughts on the Season

Lea's Double Standards

Hoping to Move Forward with Lea

An X-Rated Reunion

Lisa's Vegas Regret

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Real Friends Don't Hold Grudges

A Fun Party, Minus the Distractions

Apologizing to Lea

Alexia's Anniversary Celebration

Lisa Loves Texas

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Lea's Walk Down Memory Lane

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Adriana's Two Loves

May Adriana Live Happily Ever After

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Meet Dr. Sex Therapist Lisa

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Joanna Talks Role Playing

Update on Elsa

Recovering Frankie and Peter

Lisa's Bridesmaid Ultimatum

Joanna's Outright Insult

The Birkin Bag Bonanza

Adriana's Glamorous 'Great Gatsby' Wedding

Lisa's In-Law Issues

Shocked by Lea's Secrets

Making Ripples

Adriana discusses the pressures of being a single mom, and Lea's sense of style.

In this episode one can see the ripple effect caused by the artist not performing properly. The fact that that not all the pieces were produced, and some of the ones that were produced were rushed work that were not painted with the quality that they should have been, made my job of selling the pieces a lot harder -- which in turn translated in stress for me in many levels.

During my conversation with Lea, I realized that I try to wear so many hats and always try to be so strong. But the truth is that is not easy to be a single mom and a business woman, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and pressure. I do my best to give my son the best education available, but it isn't always easy to do it all.

On a lighter note, Alexia's cooking party was hilarious, and Herman did go out of his way to give us a true Cuban experience. Although seeing the whole dead pig was visceral and disturbing; it reminded me of a Francis Bacon painting!I also had a good laugh with sweet Philippe asking Marysol for her hands! It is so French to confuse the singular with the plural words. I thought it was so endearing. What a ring she got! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see her wedding next week, so romantic to get married in Aspen during winter time.

On Lea's style: I must say, Lea has a unique, but great sense of style. She is always wearing the most exquisite jewelry, and her purses are to die for! On the night of my art show I told her to wear something creative and artsy, and she did it! I thought she looked great, in fact she wore something that Peggy Guggenheim would wear to an art event! Just fabulous!

Well, I hope you are enjoying the show and I finally getting to know each of us a little better. We don't really have a lot of hair pulling and table flipping yet. I see us more like Sex and the City, where it is OK to support your girlfriend and have a good laugh with them.