Adriana De Moura

Adriana discusses the pressures of being a single mom, and Lea's sense of style.

on Mar 15, 2011

I also had a good laugh with sweet Philippe asking Marysol for her hands! It is so French to confuse the singular with the plural words. I thought it was so endearing. What a ring she got! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see her wedding next week, so romantic to get married in Aspen during winter time.

On Lea's style: I must say, Lea has a unique, but great sense of style. She is always wearing the most exquisite jewelry, and her purses are to die for! On the night of my art show I told her to wear something creative and artsy, and she did it! I thought she looked great, in fact she wore something that Peggy Guggenheim would wear to an art event! Just fabulous!

Well, I hope you are enjoying the show and I finally getting to know each of us a little better. We don't really have a lot of hair pulling and table flipping yet. I see us more like Sex and the City, where it is OK to support your girlfriend and have a good laugh with them.