Midnight Special

Adriana welcomes us to Miami, and her favorite spot to "just dance."

Welcome to Miami, my favorite city in the world!

Miami Fashion Week is indeed a big deal in our city, and I look forward to it every year. Although, there was a lot of catty comments from a couple of girls about my catwalk, I think it was pretty good and I hope you enjoyed watching it.

Casa Tua is a favorite restaurant of mine, and an exclusive club where most members know each other. I'm friends with the owner Miki and go there with Frederic frequently. We always dance when we go there. Dancing for me is a way to release stress and express myself. It's just clean fun, with no malice involved.

By now you know I'm a single mom, always busy juggling all my responsibilities. I rarely have a girls night out. That night before I left the house, Frederic said: "Don't dance pass midnight." So I didn't!

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