Alexia Echevarria

Alexia discusses Herman's bidding strategy, and her advice to Adriana.

on Mar 1, 2011

First of all I would like to thank all of you for all of your sweet and kind comments. I am truly touched. Thank you for watching and I hope you continue to enjoy the show.

The Black's Annual Gala is always one of my favorites to attend. Herman and I have been going for years. I especially love to support this noble cause because it benefits at-risk children. Being a former Special Education teacher, children and education are very dear to my heart. Lea works so hard and does an extraordinary job putting it together. As you saw, my husband Herman loves to bid. I was so nervous when Herman started bidding on the car. I even spoke in Spanish LOL! I really didn't want or need that car (too expensive). I love to bid on trips because that is the easiest way to get Herman to go on a trip. My boys and I love to travel, but Herman doesn't care for it. Anyhow, I ended up with a beautiful watch from Haimov (crocodile strap with diamond bezel inside and out) that I wear a lot. Herman is a very generous human being and we don't feel guilty spending money on a watch, because it's a generous contribution for the children.

I loved seeing Marysol working the red carpet. She always works so hard and does great. (By the way, Marysol looked stunning.) I was so surprised to see Cristy at the gala, not because she hadn’t purchased the tickets (I didn't know at the time), but because she doesn't participate in these charitable events where you have to give a generous donation. My husband and I are involved in social, philanthropic community events in Miami and never run into her.