Alexia Echevarria

Alexia discusses Herman's bidding strategy, and her advice to Adriana.

on Mar 1, 2011

Cristy's lunch reminded me of my teaching days, when I would get home exhausted with my two kids and use the crockpot to make arroz con pollo (yellow rice and chicken). The food was good because I love Cuban food no matter what, but there is a "better" way of making it like my Grandmother use to.

While we were eating, Adriana's situation with her son Alex came up. Larsa and Cristy were quick to act upon it and suggest Adriana get rid of Frederic. I felt that I had to get in and help her realize that Frederic wasn't being unreasonable. Frederic was busy working and she was having lunch with her friends…who should go pick up Alex? I have been in that situation before, where I have called Herman and he has responded the same. It doesn't mean they don't love our children or us. It is our responsibility (moms) just like they have theirs (dads). It just means that we need to make arrangements prior or get up and pick up our kids. I know it's hard for Larsa and Cristy to relate because they are surrounded with help all day long. I can have the same but I choose not to. I am very hands-on and enjoy taking and picking up Frankie at school (Peter drives). I'm happy to see Adriana and Frederic talked about it and worked it out.

My scene with Herman Jr., my stepson was cute. My other stepson Nelson is also part of Venue. He works in Sales. We have fun together and work well. "No one is going to tell me how to run my magazine!" LOL