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Just to Clarify

Alexia addresses Peter's night of partying, her marriage, and the rest of Miami's premiere episode.

After all of this time waiting, it's finally here! Miami and its beaches. . . there is no other city in the world like it. As I embark in this journey, I pray to God to give me strength to be able to do this and ask for his blessings to always keep my family safe and sound.

As I suspected, I need to clarify the scene with my son Peter and I in the kitchen making breakfast, where he tells he is going to a club and throwing down $600 dollars for a table with bottle service. The reason Peter and his friends were going to this club was because there was a famous DJ playing not to drink. Peter enjoys music like any other teenager, and it is a treat to go see his favorite DJ playing at a popular club in Miami. We do not give him $600 every weekend to go clubbing. This was a special occasion and fortunately Peter DOES NOT like to drink. Most importantly, Peter was NOT driving that night. Our driver was driving him and his friends, which is our main concern.

Furthermore, I DO NOT endorse, promote, or condone underage drinking. I simply like Peter to tell me the truth. I want to know what is going on in his life. There are a lot of parents out there that are in denial. Communication is very important. Peter is a great kid and like every 18 year old, he likes to have fun. I'm here to guide him in the right direction. Being 18 isn't easy, and being the mother of an 18 year old is even harder!

As far as my husband, he is the best thing that ever happened to me. His charm, intelligence, and his ability to make my boys and me happy are the reasons I fell in love with him. We are "great" together. We have a special bond and those who know us understand the dynamics of our relationship, and so will you. Hopefully, you will get to know me more as I open my life to you throughout the season. You will know that the most important thing in my life is my family…MY boys! My career and "other' things have always been secondary.

Speaking of which…I want to set straight the fact that I don't call or consider myself a "Cuban Barbie." I guess the nickname started while we were filming. I have never bragged about my looks. I am down to earth and humble. I do believe that in the same way that money is power for men, "beauty is power for women" ( if you know how to use it, LOL).