Alexia Echevarria

Alexia talks about her pork-phobias, and Marysol's engagement.

on Mar 15, 2011

I was thrilled to hear that Marysol and Philippe were engaged. Marysol is a wonderful girl and friend that deserves to be happy like everyone else. And I am very excited for them both and wish them the best! I am a romantic and believe in love. . .love is the answer. I agree with Marysol: so much better to elope. Besides, you can’t please everyone. People will talk and criticize regardless, so at the end of the night you have to do what you think and feel is best. I can’t wait to see their winter white wedding.

Lea is such a riot! I loved watching how she shops. LOL! I love fashion and shopping. I enjoy trying on everything! I won’t buy a thing unless I try it on, and I online shop almost never. I like the whole shopping experience. . .looking for it, feeling it, and trying it on. I like to go in the morning right after the gym in my work out clothes (comfortable). There’s usually not too many people. I must admit, I’m shopping a lot less now because of lack of time, not because I don’t love it. (Herman’s real happy).

Until next week my friends!!

Thanks again for all of the nice and sweet comments. They brighten up my days!