Cristy Rice

Cristy's got a few questions about her fellow castmates, and high hopes for the future.

on Feb 23, 2011

I got to say that the scene at the beach with my sister Margie made me want to be back drinking a mojito at the beach again. I hope you all got the same vibe!! Being at the beach is my favorite past time.

That day Luqui joined us, and as usual had a hard time saying something nice.... I can't help that I am not in my forties yet and that I look much younger than I am. LOL!

That shot of me coming out of the water was hot, but I had no idea the cameras were on, so I was surprised to see it.

I loved having Miss Vero and her friend "the fairy godmother" come over for a few drinks with me, Margie (my sis), and Luqui. Years ago Chanel hosted a birthday party for me, and she used to work with the company and came to the event. Casually she just started telling people little things about themselves that she was picking up on. I, of course, being Lil' Miss Curious asked her to tell me something (she said a lot). Almost six years later, she was pretty much on the money! I hope that she is still on the money, because she said I was on my way to much LOVE and more SUCCESS!