Cristy Rice

Cristy defends her appearance at the gala, says she doesn't see the need for the drama.

on Mar 1, 2011

Hi guys,

If you're reading my blog today that means you jumped on board for RHMIA and I am happy about that!!!

Well what can I say? This episode kind of left me surprised, so let me think carefully as to how I want to react to so much nonsense!!!

Being that I don't get caught up in all that drama let me start on a positive note: my luncheon.

I loved this scene and here's why: I feel that the vibe was upbeat, fun, casual, and loving with Chef Pepin, which is what my home is usually like. The girls all bashed on him for using a crockpot or what have you, but the way I see it is—who cares what he cooked it in? The food was amazing! They did not mind when they "cleaned" their plates of all the food. LOL! He made us laugh and I think he is hysterical.

Lea did not go because as she stated “Who has time for a two hour luncheon in the middle of the day,” and Marysol got caught up in a meeting. We managed to get along without them, but it would have bee nice to have them there. I know Marysol would have enjoyed it. Maybe next time???

Anyways, of course it would not have been a regular get together with Adriana if at some point the attention was not all about her. The luncheon conversation was all about Adriana fighting with her fiancé because he would not go pick up her child (who she happened to forget at school), and she makes her personal life all of our business once again, by telling us that he hung up on her face, etc., etc.