Cristy Rice

Cristy address the gala-drama once again, and comments on this week's episode.

on Mar 24, 2011

Hi Guys,

I am finally back in the United States. My trips to the Bahamas, and then to Paris with my family were so amazing! Family time is so special, as I believe that every day is a gift to us, and we must never take anything for granted!

I just decided to reconnect and read your comments, and I can't believe we are still talking about the same thing. . .

But because all of you who have written into our blogs are all avid fans of our show, I want to take the time and try to answer some of the questions I read. . .

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH.... am I really going here again??? Yes, Lil' Miss Cristy you are!!!! LOL. . .OK, so here goes.

1. First and foremost I NEVER planned on attending the gala because I was NOT supposed to be in Miami. (This answers the question as to why I did not purchase a ticket beforehand.)

2. The night before the gala my baby got sick, and I was contemplating canceling my trip! While I was at the salon that night I saw Marysol, and we talked about the excitement of the gala. She suggested I come for the "cocktail hour" only. (This answers the question as to why I ended up going.)

3. My friend Luqui mentioned to me that she would like to come with me, and she did. Unfortunately, s--t happens and on the way there we got a flat tire. Needless to say we missed the cocktail hour. Upon arrival, I thought it was only right to go in and say hi and show Lea support as she was so excited about her event.

On our way we ran into a friend of which had plans for dinner at Liv (a nightclub in the same hotel) and asked us to join her after. We told her we were on our way to say hi and apologize and clearly not stay because we NEVER had planned on attending anything other than the "cocktail hour," and at this point we had missed it. She then walked in and accompanied us, and really had no idea as to what was going on, being that she was visiting from South America, does not speak English, and was innocently just tagging along. (This answers the question as to who that third person is.)