Cristy Rice

Cristy address the gala-drama once again, and comments on this week's episode.

on Mar 24, 2011

Moving on to the fashion show!!! I thought it was fun, and funny the way they showed me in those hair rollers.

Hmmm. . .All I can remember saying once again about Alexia is POSITIVE. . .Looks like her blog once again attacks me. Never knew saying an obvious fact like "She is bigger than me" was a problem. I wish I had those extra inches she was blessed with. But then again being self-secure is a blessing we all don't have apparently!

Apart from that I was happy to see how nice Gabriella Arango's designs looked on the runway!

Larsa's Lunch: I love Martorano's. It is always a great place to dine because the food is delicious and the atmosphere is fun. Thank you Steve for having us!!!

Larsa, sorry that this lunch got bummed out by Adriana. I had seen all of them a lot of times since the gala (especially Lea), and it was never discussed. All of a sudden Adriana (as always looking for attention at anyone’s expense) decides to attack me for her master (Miss Lea). I really don't care for people who are always talking about others and stirring up gossip for no reason. I don't care to entertain those kind of people -- they are going talk anyway. What really bothers me is that everything is "I heard you said this or I heard that," but when its time to own up to your words all of a sudden they are at a loss of them. I prefer to be straight up, as I am real.
I would have never disrespected any host at her luncheon with such catty behavior, and unfortunately by this time I had had enough of their hypocrisy so it was time to stand up for myself.

And last but definitely NOT least: PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE A GREAT OPTION!!! Who organizes fundraisers to raise money so their best friend could try to "keep up with the Jones" and keep her kid in a private school she clearly says she can't afford? And then the words "nobody needs to know -- we will come up with a strategy..." or something of that sort, that's NOT NICE!!!

Sadly, our season is a short one, and we are down to just one more episode, but I am happy to see that we have a great fan base. I hope you enjoy the season finale and the WWHL reunion.

Stay tuned.

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PS: The weather in Miami is beautiful now and its a great time to visit. Ultra for the music lovers and the Sony Ericsson for the Tennis lovers.... and of course the RHMIA!!!