Cristy Rice

Cristy explains her reaction to Elsa, and has wants Adriana to know she isn't feeling jealous.

on Mar 29, 2011

As for the rest of the night, it was a bit uncomfortable to see Larsa getting attacked by pretty much everyone at the table (with the exception of Alexia) whether they spoke or not!

I thought it was weird at first that Marysol had her mom join us, since all of us have beautiful loving mothers, but none of them were asked to join us at our girls' luncheon/dinners. We were all strategically placed at the table (name cards) and "coincidentally" Elsa sat between Larsa and I and went off on us both! That's ironic. . .

I personally did not pay much attention to a word she said to me because with that night included I think I have seen that woman about a whole six hours of my life. It is clear that whatever she had to say to me was straight from gossip sessions she may have had with her daughter. I was not about to pay any mind to her trying to tell me about my own life. Elsa has a very different way of thinking than I do. In my life, money does not come first. I would never disrespect an elder woman, but I will recognize a disrespectful older woman. What she did that night to Larsa was not nice, and unfortunately Larsa let it get to her. I believe at her age she should know better, and if possibly the drinks got the best of her as Marysol suggested at the table that night, then Marysol should have changed the subject or told her to STOP while she was ahead.

I just think it’s wrong to invite someone to your home and then make them feel bad. Lea and Adriana kept egging it on and that was also catty. Elsa is a funny lady, and I enjoyed hearing her stories. But everything in life has a limit, and we should all recognize when we have reached it.