Cristy Rice

Cristy explains her reaction to Elsa, and has wants Adriana to know she isn't feeling jealous.

on Mar 29, 2011

Adriana -- I seem to be her favorite subject of interviews, but tonight she went too far. Clearly Adriana's goal has been to destroy the image of her ex-husband, and she should pat herself on the back because she did a pretty good job. I, however will NOT tolerate her devious and lying words when it comes to my marriage or my family. I just met Adriana a few months ago, and she has the nerve to comment on my marriage? I don't agree with a woman trashing the father of her kids on national TV as Adriana has repeatedly done. I happen to respect my family, and Glen and I have five beautiful kids of which don't care to hear Adriana talking about.

What happens within your family should stay in your family. Unfortunately, when you are famous or married to someone famous your business gets put out there. Many times, what gets printed is far from the truth, but that’s what the tabloids live off of and its a price you’ve got to pay for fame. I don't wish this on anyone and less when innocent children are involved.

Once again -- Adriana -- what's your point???

Lea's got jokes? Yes, she did. She totally punked us, but it was all good. The way I see it is, had she not done that many of us would have never had the experience of visiting an organic farm. The drive was long, and it was really hot, but what really had me going crazy was that I was starving. And as I am sure you guys have seen by now -- I love to eat. I am not a really healthy food type of girl so this lunch was killing me. At least we got some cute pictures out of it.

Marysol's face over Larsa's comment was pretty much worth the trip too. LOL. . .