Cristy Rice

Cristy addresses Lea's WWHL call, and Adriana's art show.

on Mar 9, 2011

Hey Guys!

Hope you enjoyed the show tonight! I found Elsa to be hysterical. ;)

Well, I guess you guys must have been in as much shock as I was if you stayed up to watch Watch What Happens Live last week, and heard Lea's untrue and unkind words being yelled at me! I was actually enjoying myself and having a good time up, until that devious call came in.All I can say is that I was really embarrassed for her! I would not do that to anyone and much less over something like this!

I realize that if a person plans on attending an event at which tickets are pre-sold that they should purchase tickets ahead of time! However, I was never planning on attending this event because I had a trip planned with my family and I was not supposed to be in town. At the very last moment, things changed and I decided to attend the "cocktail hour" to show my support. She knew my situation, and Marysol actually was the one who suggested that I come to the cocktail hour so we can all be together!

Unfortunately, I got a flat and that changed the whole night. I never thought it was a big deal so I still went in to say "Hi," even though I was late. My intentions were good, and I had no issues.

I later took Lea my check to her house at a dinner we had planned with the girls. It had been discussed and dropped since. Why she came out of left field to throw a curve ball like this one is obvious to me, and I think eventually will be to all!

I don't care to rehash this but I did for you my fans that may have had some doubts!