Cristy Rice

Cristy addresses Lea's WWHL call, and Adriana's art show.

on Mar 9, 2011

Again, I apologize for her behavior. I am a mother of five and I am appalled at the words she used to describe me! Class is something that money definitely cannot buy.

Back to this episode.

We had a nice time at Cafeina with the girls!! It's always good to listen to music and dance--healthy for the soul!!!

I also had a nice time at Adrianna's event. I love art and I was excited to see what she had in store for us! I thought it was really cool to see all the local celebs portrayed!

She got there really, really late, which was awkward, being that she was the host. But I saw that she made up for it at the end of the night...

Larsa and I had dinner plans so we left after viewing all the art, socializing and having a cocktail! We missed the drama of her yelling at the artist and so forth in front of all the guests!!! WOW!!!

Larsa and I had a good laugh on the way home. Lea's outfit was "totally whacked" Still not sure if she was for real or was that a joke? Who knows?