City Pride

Larsa Pippen explains why she's sticking with pepper spray, and Scottie.

I absolutely love Miami! It's the best city in the world.

I loved watching Scottie do yoga. He's such a great athlete. He needs to start giving me some private yoga lessons.

I love hanging out with my best friends Tara Latona and Mary Floyd. We always have an amazing time together.

The scene with my kids was so cute. They are my world!!! I'm proud of them everyday.

So when my brother Ninos wanted to take Bella and I to the gun range I was skeptical. My brother Nin is always on me about defending myself. He thinks I need karate and ultimate fighting lessons. I guess he wants me to be a tough girl. Maybe next week I'll take a combat class at the gym. I was scared to death. Every time I shot the gun I was startled. The guns were loud and heavy so I think I'm going to stick to pepper spray. LOL!

Miami Fashion Week so so much fun. The designers were magnificent!!! It was great to hang out w/ Cristy and Adrianna at the fashion show. I think Adrianna enjoyed the "crown jewels" more then Cristy and I. What crown jewels??? Anyone that can wear Speedos doesn't have crown jewels. I'm glad the models left before the jewels were stolen LOL!!

Cristy and I invited Adrianna for a fun night but had no idea she was ready to "tear up the city." Casa Tua was super fun that night, until the guys invaded. It's flattering to have guys hit on me but I'm definitely into my guy at home.

When Lea invited us to her house for dinner I thought I was going to eat and relax. We ended up chopping and cooking like we were chiefs. When we sat down to enjoy dinner Adrianna drops a load on us about her ex- husband. She seemed to be shocked when she first heard the news. I guess you live and learn!!

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