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Workin' Hard

Larsa extolls the virtues of hard-work and confidence, in this week's blog.

Thanks for watching tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami!

I love being able to recap each episode with you all, by now I am sure you're getting to know my sarcastic side. I love to laugh and brighten up the mood.

My best friend, Mary Floyd, and I met Cristy and her friend Luqui for a drink at Cafeina. After returning from our family trip at ESPN that weekend I asked Christy what exactly happened at Lea's Gala. Cristy explained how she got a flat tire on her way--I think she might need a driver, LOL! We enjoyed the rest of our night dancing.

Adriana invited us to lunch but it almost ended up being dinner by the time she made it. We were starving! I was really happy to see her. It ended up being really fun.

I'm a firm believer in "if you work hard you should be rewarded." My little brother Sammy is an exceptional kid. He's a great scholar, and excels at everything he does. I don't know very many 16-year-old boys who volunteer there free time to give back. He's so great that Scottie and I wanted to do something special for him. He better continue to do well in school, etc., or I'll be driving a FJ cruiser.

My husband has worked so hard throughout his career; it was amazing seeing him being rewarded with his recent induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

It's great to see creativity expressed through art. The artist had great pieces displayed, I definitely loved Lea's piece the best! I can't wait for my unveiling next year, LOL! Mind you, the host of the event showed up two hours late. Mary and I stayed for a couple hours, enjoyed the event and moved on.

Confidence is sexy, but by no means was I serious about wanting my painting plastered at the gallery.

There's nothing more beautiful and fun than filming the show. I really didn't think I had drama in my life until I watched the show. It's so much fun hanging with positive, confident people. I always compliment my friends, because I love them, and, of course, they are fab. I love confident people! I totally love and enjoy life everyday.