Lea Black

Lea discusses her jokes at the pig roast, and her fairy godmother status.

on Mar 15, 2011

Well the Miami Housewives have officially gone hog wild.

Forget hair pulling, punching, or table flipping. Pig flipping is the new housewife sport.

From little Miss Piggy to Babe to a Hialeah pig farm, this little piggy takes center stage. My hands are shaking just writing about it. Poor thing!

Then Philippe's engagement announcement: well, so I made a couple of jokes (the green card and marriage forecast). After all this is Miami, and it's an insider joke. Unless you're looking to be "catty," you will see the humor, and if not, well, some jokes get slaughtered, too!

Of course I know (and Philippe knows that I know) he has a green card. His Gourmet at Home Catering Experiences company wouldn't be around if not, right? By the way it's yummy. Never asked if he carried pork though! Let's hope not.

Forgot to mention: Marysol ate so much pork that night she was up with a stomachache all night! Now, that's what I call pigging-out.