Lea Black

Lea discusses her jokes at the pig roast, and her fairy godmother status.

on Mar 15, 2011

And Adriana finally delivered my portrait, on time no less! LOL! RJ and I gave it to Roy for Father's Day.

I am deeply touched by Adriana's struggle to do the best she can for Alex, and you saw how she broke down in tears. He is an excellent student and an amazing kid, and he deserves all she does for him. I have been anointed her "fairy godmother," who knew? This week her face graced the cover of New You Magazine and the largest billboards in Time Square and the Vegas Strip. She's worked really hard to rebuild her life. Now you know why I'm on my Blackberry way too much--I've got lots of Adrianas in my life that need help.

And once again we're reminded by Larsa how "cute and perfect" she is. Cute!

If Marysol's wedding dresses are an indication of the wedding, it will be over the top or should I say, over the "Aspen Mountain." Don't miss that episode. And I have to say the Gabriella Arango gowns that Cristy and Alexia modeled were gorgeous!

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