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Red-handed or Black-footed

Lea stands by her arty outfit, and has comments her fairy godmother status and the art gallery egos.

This week was a crazy week. By now it's easy to see that Adriana will probably be late to her own funeral. She's given new meaning to " tardy to the party." All that hair and makeup stuff is way too high maintenance for me. My hair and makeup and wardrobe may not be picture perfect, but I try to be on time! Priorities anyone?

The art gallery party was hilariously insane! After being told to dress "outrageous and artsy" it seems as if I was the only one who got the memo. I know the rhinestone glasses and the tulle were a bit much, but it was fun. I'm sure Joan Rivers would have had something to say about that! I wish each of you could have been there as you only saw a bit of all that went on that night. There was more drama behind-the-scenes than someone stepping on the freshly painted piece of art. I swear there were more egos in that room than Charlie Sheen's bedroom! I really did want to check the shoes of everyone and catch them red-handed, or black-footed should I say?

I enjoyed watching Philippe interacting with his future witch-in-law Elsa. I laughed and laughed. Imagine Elsa telling her soon to be son-in-law she's a witch. Have to admit, that was hilarious. Then Marysol and Philippe left right when Elsa wanted to get the party started. Go Elsa! Did you catch the "Lea is Adriana's fairy godmother" comment? I wish! I would love to be anyone's fairy godmother. If I had that kind of power I would certainly spread all good things around to everyone. So I don't know if it was meant as a compliment or not, but I will take it as one :)

And did you know that Larsa's more famous than Gianni Versace? Who knew? Got to love a girl with confidence :)

So next week is by far the funniest thing ever. I barely survived the upcoming dinner but it was ultimately a blast. And if I forget to tell you later, of course I knew Phillippe didn't need a green card. If he did I would help him get one!

Thank you all so much for your "comments" I always read every one of them. I don't reply back because I'm not sure if everyone sees the replies. Know that I take the constructive criticism well, and appreciate that you took the time to watch the show and to write. I enjoy the compliments too, of course, and its fun reading all the different points of view. Some of you would be a hoot on the show!

Stay tuned, keep the peace, and spread the love.