Lea Black

Lea discusses Adriana and Fredric, and says what she will about the gala.

on Mar 22, 2011

Marysol's wedding was stunning. What a beautiful blushing bride. I wish we all could have been there supporting her but I completely respect their wanting to make that moment only about them, as weddings can be stressful enough. Marysol, I wish you both a life filled with success, happiness, laughter, and lots of good sex!

Poor Alexia -- a car wreck! Glad you're OK. Sorry you missed the Gabriella Arango fashion show, but Cristy stepped up and modeled as "Barbie" and her sister and did a great job.

Now, about the lunch at Martorano's -- it was an hour drive for me so I was a bit lost and late. The food was delicious. And what about all those tattoos? Not only was that lunch interesting for many reasons, but it led me to someone who really needed help, and my husband and I are doing everything in our power to help him. Stay tuned for (hopefully) a miracle in the making! (Editor's note: we've got the scoop on the situation here.)

Adriana has never asked me to set her up with any man, rich or otherwise. I have never offered or suggested to set her up with any man! Like she needs me to fix her up? Now that's funny! Not too many months after I met her, she started dating Frederic, whom I loved from the first time I met him at Fisher Island during lunch. So the Adriana "uses or kisses up to Lea" so I will "introduce her to men with money" comment -- where did that come from? Another self-reflection?