Lea Black

Lea gives thanks to the many folks that helped with the gala, and has choice words for a few others.

on Mar 1, 2011

Thank you Bravo!

After watching Episode 2, I'm so happy that the charity (which for 17 years has kept thousands of at-risk kids out of jail, in school, and moving towards higher education) got some attention. I've never understood why our court system would condemn a first-time juvenile offender to jail at a higher cost than my son's private school? Maybe we should look at who benefits from filling up the prisons?

I'm thrilled that the charity I founded helps these kids from becoming career criminals while saving the state millions. Recently, Pennsylvania juvenile court judges were convicted for taking kickbacks. Private corrections corporations paid them for sending kids to their prison so they could get more money from the state! Hmmmm.

Which brings me to the arrogance of some people: party crashers to be specific.

There are parties where it may be appropriate for single girls to spend hours getting all dolled up, show up fashionably late (easier to crash a party after registration), mingle throughout, then publicly comment "people should pay me (and my two friends!) to show up." However, a charity gala, where kids get the money from the ticket sales, is simply not one of those parties. When a dress or shoes cost many times more than the ticket price to enter, maybe its time to check the etiquette books and re-assess your priorities and values. You decide.

And now to the generosity of others...

Adriana, thank you for always attending and donating art, and I'm sorry you weren't on the red carpet list. Not sure how that happened. Since your comment about "I organize this whole event with Lea," I've gotten lots of calls and emails from volunteers saying, "She gave a few paintings and came to a couple of meetings. I was at every meeting and contributed far more than Adriana did!" So, please do me a favor and let the committee know you didn't mean to imply you contributed any more than they did. I need to keep the peace with them, as you know it's an all-volunteer army.