Lea Black

Lea gives thanks to the many folks that helped with the gala, and has choice words for a few others.

on Mar 1, 2011

And the support of others...

Marysol, you looked beautiful in your long green dress. I loved that you were invited to sit with one of our big sponsors at an expensive VIP table. Your team took good care of our celebrity guests at the red carpet. Thank you!

And the grace of many huge stars throughout the years...

This year, Dionne Warwick, Pharell Williams, and Christian Castro are donating their performances to help kids in need...wow! Doesn't that speak volumes about who they are as human beings? I'm touched really and owe a big thanks to my legendary Grammy-winning superstar friends. I hope some of you will join us at The Blacks' Annual Gala, April 2, at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel! After all, "That's What Friends are For."

To Alexia, Go Herman!!!! Thanks both of you for your VIP ticket donation. I loved watching Herman bid. I need to zip your mouth when he's spending for the kids. LET HIM BID!!! He's my HERO! You go Herman. Alexia: loved the watch you won. But in your interview, what was that "lower people" comment? Yikes! And the "who married who" remark? You're making me nervous! Whew. I was thinking "zip it" all over again!