Lea Black

Lea gives thanks to the many folks that helped with the gala, and has choice words for a few others.

on Mar 1, 2011

Larsa: I know you were in NYC at a big sports event with our superstar Scottie the night of the gala. I'm sure a lot of women were very happy you missed it...when you walk in, all heads turn. LOL. But the nanny thing, do you really keep firing them? Poor things, they need the money! Maybe start a training class for them? Or write them a list everyday? Or put them in charge of guarding the pocketbooks so you don't need a gun. Just kidding. NOT!

Too bad I missed Cristy's luncheon. Personally I love Cuban food and crock-pot cooking. Yum.

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode. Things start to get "Miami sizzling hot" in upcoming episodes. You will start to feel the heat, so stay tuned.

My thoughts this week are to give thanks for how blessed we are, and let the stronger of us reach out to the weaker among us and spread our blessings.

After all, we can never out give the universe, so let's enjoy and share the abundance. Life is good.

Spread the love and keep the peace.

'Til next time.