Spice Up Your 'Wives

Bravotv.com's Associate Editor channels the 'Wives and trys something new in this week's recap.

Mar 15, 2011

Hello my little South Beach snobs.

Welcome back to another week of Miami madness, which is convenient because it's also that time of year for March Madness, and it seems our housewives have taken the Ides of March to heart.

This week's episode was all about trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone if you will. Experimenting.

Which is why we start with Scottie Pippen shirtless and talking to a rabbit.

Like any sports fan, Scottie's chillis on the weekend by watching some games with pals sans shirt. But then his brood arrives carrying a veritable traveling pet show. The menagerie of animals was Larsa's treat for the kids keeping their grades up. But the real treat is in store for the nanny who'll be playing Dr. Doolittle to the Pippen menagerie, since as Larsa mentioned, she's not so much an animal person. Scottie and Larsa, give it a try. Let those lizards roam free and see if you can walk and talk with the animals.

While Larsa was being a friend to the animals, Alexia was finding a swine for non-pet purposes. Upping the ante of the entire Housewives-at-home culinary exploits, Alexia was hosting a pig roast with hubby Herman. And she'd like to do this without touching the pig at all. She'd also not like Herman to touch her until he takes a chemical shower in hand-sanitizer. Though the pig loses his life for a greater good, Alexia decides to honor him as I would hope to be when I pass on: by covering the pig in a sheet and resting a scented candle on his filleted stomach. Truly a blessed moment, as was all of watching Alexia learn about the lechon tradition.