Spice Up Your 'Wives

Bravotv.com's Associate Editor channels the 'Wives and trys something new in this week's recap.

Mar 15, 2011

Meanwhile, Marysol and Philippe were holding their pre-washed hands without abandon over dinner. But what's this? The whole restaurant's empty. As Marysol mentioned, this is rather suspicious, unless of course you're eating at a rotten restaurant. But it seems the critics have not lambasted this place, instead it is fully vacant because Philippe is proposing! Did anyone else find Philippe's approach a touched subdued? I can only imagine the anxiety of proposing, but he seemed to just sail right through it, as calmly as Marysol told him he kissed her like she was a "McDonald's milkshake." I love a good French accent myself, which is why I spend every Thursday watching Eric Ripert's vlogs, so perhaps it's just their sophisticated French ways. Listening Philippe ask for Marysol's "hands," I would have said yes, too. Who wouldn't want to give life with a Frenchman a whirl?

They might seem relaxed about it, but those lovebirds are overjoyed. Overjoyed enough that they are going elope right to Aspen to pick up Shamrock Shakes and wed on a snowy mountaintop. Not a bad deal, but we feel like Elsa is going to be feeling slightly snubbed, no?

Especially considering that box you brought over was filled with wedding dresses to try on and not food. C'mon bring your mother a snack, that bombshell deserves it.

There were a lot of fashionable moments in this week's episode, particularly this one that so quickly transported me to another time in Bravo history, I felt as though I had just stepped into a DeLorean. I'm not sure if it was the bright colors, or Lea's light-hearted approach to shopping, but all I could think of was Season 2's Santino Rice singing: "Lighten up, it's just fashion!"

It's just fashion Lea Black, put that tie-dyed dress over your four sensible blazers backwards. Lighten up about buying an expensive dress that costs the same as hundreds of pairs of jeans. Let your sartorial-self free! Don't let the other ladies questions about your style choices hold you back. If you think you look good with a paper bag standing in for your boobs, you do, because you've got style Lea Black. And I love you for it.

Lea's clothes might speak volumes, but so do her actually words, as she got a bit chatty at the Cochon de Lait. Can you fault her? The cocktails at the pig roast rivaled the drinks from that other infamous dinner party from hell. But no matter how many cocktails you imbibe, it can be poor form to hurl out a joke about someone's legal resident status, even if you are friendly with the couple. We know Lea didn't mean any harm, but next time let's save the green card jokes for say the Honey-do shower instead of the instant the couple is announcing the engagement no? Let's go back into the comfort zone on that one.