Spice Up Your 'Wives

Thanks to Lea Black's inspirational words, Bravotv.com's Associate Editor and the RHMIA wives are living life right.

Mar 23, 2011

Hello my Miamians,

Did you feel that stirring in your soul? Do you feel like you can do anything? Conquer the world? Soar to heights greater than you've ever imagined? I do, and the reason is Lea Black.

Before you say, "Duh, when is it not," I direct you specifically to her empowering words to the youth of Miami, and her equally empowering trench coat. After her blue-leopard cloaked speech, I felt as though I could for sure live my dreams. And in their own ways, didn't all of the ladies channel their own Lea Black this week? Even those that stood against her used her own "Secret"-like philosophies. Let's examine.

Marysol's wisdom: "I have acne. I'm overweight. I don't have any friends."

OK, OK. Hang on. We're not saying that Miss Marysol had anything on her face at her wedding day (or that the reason her and Philippe tied the knot solo is because they're friendless. Puh-lease. People with wine fridges/humidors like Philippe's have plenty of friends). We're saying it was the artist formerly known as Ms. Patton's ability to believe that the gondola would get the to-be-weds up the mountain that made Lea Black proud. Despite the her fear, she used Lea's "you put it out, there you get it back" thoughts to get up that mountain without incident -- which is impressive because I just saw that movie Frozen and I will never ride a ski lift again.

Marysol was moved, Lea, but self-admittedly you might not be able to tell because of the Botox (her words!).

Alexia: "It's everybody's responsibility in the world to contribute something."

And for this episode, Alexia's contribution was William Levy. And for that we are immensely grateful. Alexia, if you can pass along his contact information so I can book him for a similar, personal, James Deen photoshoot, that'd be fab.