Spice Up Your 'Wives

Gloria Estefan makes an appearance on this week's episode, and in this week's blog, as we recap the catchiest moments.

Mar 1, 2011

Hello and welcome back to South Beach!

This week brought even more strars into the mix, including our first Gloria Estefan appearance! Finally! It's already been a week in Miami, people. How long were you going to make us wait!

I was going to have my entire recap this week be the lyrics from "Rhythm is Gonna Get You." And then I realized, that this week's turn of events has many insanely-apt parallels to the glorious jam.

Maybe you think I've been swayed by the irresistible groove, but to prove myself, I'm rounding up the major moments below based on the songs lyrical structure. Follow along as I recount my favorite moments, based upon the songs insanely-catchy verse/chorus structure:

(Long rockin' instrumental intro. Take this time to think warm thoughts)

O eh, o eh, o eh, o eh, O eh, oo aah, o eh, oo aah, Yah ya goh, O eh, o eh, o eh, o eh, O eh, oo aah, o eh, oo aah, O eh, o eh, Yah ya goh

We open the show with Adriana talking about her big night out cutting a rug last week, which fits perfectly with these vocal exercises. She tells Fredric she loves guys. How can you not when the music is pulling you in such ways? And what's a little "horse riding" as she called it last week, if the music moves you?

At night when you turn off all the lights, there's no place that you can hide, Oh no, the rhythm is gonna get'cha

Lea can't hide from the rhythm because she has so many phones that the rhythm can call her on! Seriously did you see the number of communication devices she was holding as her team was planning. She had a Blackberry and an amazing gold Razr phone (which kudos for you for still rocking that phone classic, Lea Black).