Spice Up Your 'Wives

This week, the youthful ruled the roost. From teenagers with hot rides to Elsa's suitor requirements, recap all the moments here.

Mar 8, 2011

Hello Miami-ers!

We're diving even deeper into the murky waters of South Beach this week, and again things are not always as they seem. Is that a jellyfish beyond that coral reef, or just a lazy artist playing piano and drinking ginger ale? Are those your real friends are will they call your fashion choices Lady Gaga-esque behind your back? Are those paper flowers, or did you just create them with a magic spell Elsa? Let's find out.

We begin the episode with a little morning-after girl talk about the gala. I love that all the gals admit to being a touch on the over-hung side, except Lea, of course, because she's all business. This takeaway though, is Marysol's fabulous studded outfit. Remind me to put on something more bedazzled the next time I'm hungover. Surely, I will feel better.

The thing about this particular Housewives that I adore is the dancing! Even if you factor in the choreographed moves of our performing Housewives, Miami is still climbing the charts as show with the most dance moves per minute of any RH incarnation. When Cristy gets bored with the conversation at dinner: it's time to dance. Why is Lea worried about Adriana? Because of the dancing! If I had a dollar for every problem that was promenade-related, I would have two dollars.

Dear readers, can you believe it took me three whole paragraphs to discuss Elsa? Me either. Truly, she's a gem of a human being. I even did a little miniature golf clap when she appeared before me in her champagne duster/nightgown/dress situation (which yes, you do look good in Elsa). Then I realized she was about one oversized goblet of wine to the wind, and the scene had nowhere to go but up. The silk flowers! The self-professed witchery (I think that's the technical term)! Her distrust of the cleaning habits of the French! You spoil us, producers! This much Elsa goodness is almost criminal.